A young female tides over the crisis of ankylosing spondylitis with homeopathic medication.

A young female Mrs. M.W. (Pin Number L-9585) eagerly visited the clinic with complaints of ankylosing spondylitis. She was in distress with this condition for the last five years. She had been to many physicians with little relief of the spondylitis.

The complaints started with severe pain in the lower back, the pain was radiating to both the hips and legs. At one point the pain became so severe that she could not even walk for a period of fifteen to twenty days. She experienced weakness in both legs. There was severe back stiffness.

Now since the last year, all these complaints had increased. There was severe difficulty in walking. She had severe pain and stiffness, making it almost impossible to walk. SHE WOULD STOOP, which is recorded on camera. She would tremble with the attempt to walk. She also experienced chest pain and stiffness with restriction of movements. She was on ayurvedic medicines; painkillers which would lead to severe swelling on the body, so she avoided pain killers.

She also complained of severe pain and stiffness in her right shoulder and right knee joint. Her case details were recorded. She was a homemaker. Her husband was an engineer. She had a daughter, but she had difficulty managing her, due to her incapacitating pain and stiffness. So her daughter was attended by her mother. The patient was an irritable and anxious lady. She was talkative and liked company. She had severe anxiety about her illness. She would be easily moved to tears. She had a marked craving for spicy food. She was intolerant to winter and cold weather. Her blood test for HLA B27 was positive.

The RA test was negative. Dr. Shah studied and carefully evaluated her case. She has prescribed the medicine Kali Carb 30 C along with Dr Shah’s research remedy for ankylosing spondylitis. Within three months, she showed improvement by 30 %. The pain, stiffness were less and had reduced considerably. She continued to progress steadily and after fourteen months of treatment, she is almost asymptomatic. She does not have any major pain or stiffness. She used to stoop earlier, now she can walk erect. This was incredible. The patient was overwhelmed with happiness. Today, she can attend to her daughter; she can perform her daily household chores. And the severe crisis in her life is over. This is an excellent illustration of the amazing difference homeopathy can bring about in the lives of people.

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