A U.S based Indian suffering from vitiligo recovered completely with Homeopathy

Mrs N.P. (Patient Identification Number: 19395), a thirty five-year-old female, residing in U.S started her treatment at Life force for vitiligo on 20th July 2011. She had registered with us through our online portal. She had developed hypo-pigmented patches on her skin gradually over a period of four months.These patches had developed near her eyebrows, on her cheeks and a few spots under the lips. She consulted her dermatologist who suggested her some topical applications. Her disease was genetically linked to her maternal uncle who also had vitiligo. Her self analysis made her conclude that stress could be a causative factor for her complaints as she was studying and working at the same time. She was also taking care of kids and doing all the household chores.

Apart from vitiligo, she had complaints of recurrent breast abscesses.Also she had suffered from tuberculosis in the past when she was just fifteen years old.

Her appetite was good. Even her thirst was normal. Her bowel habits were regular. She had no urinary complaints.She was more tolerant to cold. Occasionally, her menses were profuse and she would get mood swings during that time. Her sleep was sound.

She lived with her husband and two kids. She worked as a software consultant in a distribution company in U.S. She had no problems adjusting in a new country. She was quite friendly with everyone. Whenever she would get angry on her friends and colleagues, she would hold back her anger and think twice before saying anything. But this was not the case at home. At home she would talk loudly and express her anger.

After the case analysis, Dr. Rajesh Shah prescribed her Silicea 200 along with his researched based medicines. 

After starting the treatment in the initial months her vitiligo had stopped spreading. During the follow-up taken on 7th of July 2012, she reported the patches near her eyebrows, face and under the lips had stopped spreading. She was feeling overall better.

Her complaints remained stable over a period of eight months.The disease was not spreading and there were no new spots either. In the follow-up taken on 22nd of March 2013, she reported that she had noticed mild improvement in the existing spots. She developed some new patches on her ankle joint and on chin. She was quite worried about the new eruptions. She was explained that vitiligo doesn't have a stable graph. New spots may appear during the course of treatment and that she need not worry.

During her next follow up, on 22nd of July 2013,  she informed that there was about twenty percent improvement in her vitiligo. Her patches had become lighter. Re-pigmentation was seen in the existing patches near her eyebrows, cheeks, chin and lips.

She continued taking treatment and showed improvement gradually in the subsequent follow-ups.

She reported for follow-up on 18th March 2015. She informed that her vitiligo was seventy five percent better. Spots near her left eyebrow, cheeks and ankle had become very light by then. Re-pigmentation was seen in all her patches. She had gradual and steady improvement which was mainly due to her sincere approach towards her treatment. She continued taking medicines religiously so that she could get better completely.

In her last follow up taken on 23rd March 2016, she was very happy to meet Dr. Shah. All her hypo-pigmented patches had recovered. Spots such as those near the eyebrows, chin, ankle and under the lips had completely disappeared. No new spots were reported. She was advised to discontinue the treatment as she had completely recovered.

This case highlights the fact that response to the treatment for vitiligo differs from patient to patient. In Mrs N.P's case initially the improvement was very mild. However the disease was kept under control with homeopathy. With consistent treatment, the her vitiligo showed gradual improvement. It took her six years to completely recover. On her last visit at the Life Force clinic she was very happy and satisfied with the treatment. We the Life Force team, help our patients to get their smiles back.

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