A three year old girl finds a impressive solution to the frequent colds with Dr Shah’s homeopathic medicines.

V. K, a three years old girl child, (Patient Identification Number: 18371), visited Life Force, on 26th February, 2012 with a complaint of frequent colds since her birth. With the onset of winters every year, she would suffer from uncontrollable sneezing and running nose. When left untreated, it would lead to dry cough with rattling noise in chest and difficulty in breathing. She experienced dry cough more in winters and after intake of cold food. The cough was worse on lying down. She had already been given a course of antibiotics in the recent past. On examining her, the chest and nose were clear.

She had average appetite. She had an excessive liking for sweets, milk and dal (lentils). Her thirst was average. She had a tendency to sweat more on her head. She was tolerant to moderate weather. Her bowels, urination and sleep were normal. She had a habit of talking in sleep.

She was born to her mother at full term through a cesarean section. Her weight at birth was 2.9 kilograms. She was breast fed by her mother for eighteen months. All her milestones were achieved normally. Her vaccination was done as per the schedule. During pregnancy, her mother suffered from GERD (reflux disease) and severe morning sickness.

She was studying in playgroup. She lived in a joint family with her parents, paternal grandparents, a younger brother who was two months old and an elder sister who was five years old. Her father was working in private energy Supply Company and mother was a home-maker.

In the past, she had suffered from viral fever at the age of one and a half months. She also had severe diarrhea two months back.

In her family, her paternal and maternal grandfather both had diabetes mellitus. Her mother was suffering from GERD since pregnancy and her maternal aunt was diagnosed of under active thyroid.

When her parents were asked about the nature and behavior, they described her as “quite a playful child”. She was very active, social and liked to make friends. She was a bright kid with a good grasping power. She had become quite sensitive to loud sound after she suffered from diarrhea two months back. She would start crying on hearing loud sound and would run away from that place.

After studying the case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed her Theridion 30c and a research based medicine for frequent colds and advised her parents to report after two months.

Parents gave the first follow up on 25th April 2012. They were very happy with the treatment. They informed that she did not catch cold after eating ice creams which was not the case earlier. She had an episode of throat infection and fever since past two days for which she was given a course of antibiotics. Her parents noticed a positive change that she didn’t have chest congestion or difficulty in breathing as before. The dose was upgraded by Dr. Shah and medicines were given for two months.

On 26th June 2012, her parents gave the feedback online stating that she had responded very well to the treatment. She did not have a single episode of cold despite the frequent intake of ice creams. Also the weather was changing but she did not show any signs of illness. The frequent colds which would occur twice a month before starting homeopathic medicines had become almost nil in just four months. Based on this feedback, Dr. Shah prescribed medicines for next two months.

This case is an apt example of how homeopathic medicines when prescribed correctly, stimulates your immune system and restores the health and thereby the susceptibility to catch colds frequently is taken care of. With a long term homeopathic treatment, your body gradually develops immunity to effectively fight against the bacteria and viruses. Homeopathy is safe and effective for all ages.

(Uploaded on 19th September 2015 by Dr A. U.)

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