A Teen Boy Got Rid Of Bronchodilators & Inhalers With Homeopathic Treatment At Life Force

A 14-years-old young boy, Mr. R.R.P. (PIN: 30797) visited Life Force’s clinic for the first time on 30th December 2016 with a complaint of asthmatic bronchitis. He was suffering from this complaint for six to seven years. The frequency of his episode was twice in a month and it used to last for five to six days every time. He took an antibiotic course and used nebulizer during the episode. His asthma complaints used to get triggered after eating ice-cream, cold drinks, and bananas every winter. He used to suffer from the symptoms, such as nose block and sneezing which was continuous in 10-15 bouts, & fatigue. He also used to suffer from a mild fever, dry cough (continuous bouts of a cough), & breathlessness at the time of the episode. He was taking allopathic medicine and using Nebulizer during the episode. Besides this, he had a headache for one year.

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He was obese by built. He was a non-vegetarian by diet. There was a marked desire for spicy food observed in the patient. He liked chicken a lot. There was no specific disliking with regards to the food. His thirst was average, but his sweat was less than average. His bowel movement, urine, and sleep were normal.

He was studying in class 7th. His father was working in a computer firm, and his mother was a homemaker. His brother was 6 years old & studying in std 1st in the same school.
His peculiar mental traits observed were that he was very mild and reserved in nature. But, he made friends easily. He was lazy. He had a fear of the fight. He was mature as per his age. He was quite close to his mother. 

In his family, his mother had asthmatic bronchitis. His paternal grandfather had diabetes and hypertension. His paternal grandmother had hypertension. He had chicken-pox in his past. 

Based on these features and case details, he was prescribed research-based medicine for his complaints. 

After two months of the treatment, at the time of follow-up on 26th February 2017, his relief from the complaint was showing some improvement. His relief from the nose blocking and dry cough symptoms was slightly improved. The frequency of the episode was the same, but the duration and severity of the episode were reduced by 25%. His headache complaint had also reduced.

After two months on 8th May 2017, when he gave his follow-up, his condition had 50% improved. All his symptoms and their frequency had reduced a lot. His headache had also reduced by 50%. He had not faced any episode of a headache in the last two months. 

On 24th September 2017, he gave his feedback. His father informed more than 75% improvement in his condition. The frequency of the episode was very less. He had not suffered from any episode for four months. His relief from all the symptoms had improved a lot. His father was very happy with the result. 

After experiencing a good improvement in his condition, he had stopped taking the medicine for 5-6 months. He visited at center on 10th March 2018 for thanking Dr. Shah for his improvement in his health. He had experienced an 80% improvement in his condition.

On 14th June 2018, he visited our center again and informed that his condition had relapsed from the last two days after eating ice-cream. He had suffered from a dry cough and sneezing for two days. So, his parents were interested in restarting the treatment for his total recovery. As per his symptoms, Dr. Shah prescribed the medicine to him. 

On his next follow-up on 20th August 2018, his father reported about his condition. He had experienced more than 75% improvement in his health. And, no episode was experienced by him in the last one and a half months. There was no wheezing sound present on auscultation. All his symptoms, mainly dry cough and sneezing, were under control.

On his next follow-up on 28th October 2018, his health and recovery from the condition were very good. No episode had relapsed. The relief from all his symptoms was in a good state. His headache was totally cured. 

He was still continuing the medicine for further recovery.

This case illustrates that asthmatic bronchitis can be controlled effectively with homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic treatment improves the condition by restoring the deviated immunity of the individual back to normalcy.

Written by Dr. Priyanka A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah (MD, Hom)

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