A Software Manager From USA Got 80% Recovery From A Difficult Variant of Vitiligo

A 46-year-old lady manager of Dell software company from the USA, Mrs. K.G. (PIN:23397) visited Life Force clinic on 24th August 2015 for the treatment of vitiligo. She had started noticing hypo-pigmented spots on her lips from the past 11 months. She had vitiligo spots on her lips and one small patch on her scalp.

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In the past, she had not suffered from any major illness. In her family, her father was hypertensive.

She was sensitive to the cold weather. Her sleep was normal. Her appetite, bowel, and bladder habits were normal.

Mrs. K.G. was reserved by nature and was very particular about her planning and organization. She was straight-forward, short-tempered, and she would blow off if things fail to go as per her planning.

After studying her case history and analyzing her case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed Sepia-30 along with his research-based medicines to the patient.

After 4 months of the treatment in November 2015, the patient reported her spots were as it is without any change. Her spots were stable. No new spots had appeared. Also, there was no spread in the existing spots. The disease was in a progressive stage, when she had started the treatment from Life Force, and, with the first set of medicines, her disease was effectively controlled with Homeopathic treatment. Based on the feedback, Dr. Shah prescribed the medicines to the patient.

In April 2016, the patient reported hypopigmented spots on her lips had turned to dull color and spots on her lower lip had started to re-pigment. The spot on her scalp was as it is.

In June 2017, there was further improvement in her relief from Vitiligo, but the rate of her recovery was very slow. It was explained to the patient that vitiligo involving mucocutaneous junctions, such as lips, require a longer time to show response as it is difficult to stimulate the color giving cells in such areas. Mrs. K.G. continued with the treatment with a hope of further recovery.

After following a continuous treatment of around two years, the patient visited the clinic for her follow-up in August 2017. After comparing her photos with those taken in August 2015, there was a remarkable improvement observed in her condition. The recovery from her spots on the lower lip was better by 80%, and the spots on her upper lip were better by 60% with regards to recovery. The spot on her scalp was stable. The patient continued the medicine prescribed by Dr. Shah.

When she visited us on 24th December 2018, overall, she was better by 80%. She is still continuing with the medicines for further improvement.

The above case illustrates that Homeopathy is highly effective even in treating the difficult variants of Vitiligo. When vitiligo spots appear at mucocutaneous junctions, such as lips, vitiligo spots are difficult to treat and the scope of Homeopathy in such cases is to control the spots from spreading further. But, the above case has shown a remarkable improvement in recovery from vitiligo spots in mucocutaneous junctions after long-term homeopathic treatment.

Written by Dr. Mithila K, Associate to Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D

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