A Small Cyst of Chalazion recovered

This is a case of Ms. S.R.P, age twenty-one years (PIN -27234) visited Life Force for the first time on 5th Nov’16 at Santacruz branch. She was suffering from repeated Chalazion (it is a cyst caused by inflammation of blocked Meibomian gland which is an oil-secreting gland on the upper eyelid). She was suffering since one year in either right or left eye. It was once operated but had again developed. It was painful and she was experiencing some discharging from it. She was also taking Allopathy treatment for the same.

She was also suffering from hair loss since 6 months. It was about 90-100 strands per day with no dandruff and no itching.

She had an average appetite with a mixed diet. She would eat spicy and sour food especially salty food. She had a complete aversion to sweets. Her thirst was normal, no perspiration as such, she but used to feel very hot. Her menses were regular and her sleep was deep and long time.

The patient was pursuing her graduation in physics and was staying with her elder brother in Mumbai. Her parents were in the village, her father was a farmer and mother was a homemaker.

Her father was suffering from hypertension and there was no other illness in the family.

She had a history of pulmonary tuberculosis at the age of five years and had taken AKT for nine months.

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She grew up without parents but still said her childhood was happy but her teenage was very stressful. She was very clever and self-centered girl as and when she did what she wanted to do. She easily got angry, irritable, was sensitive to rudeness, anxious about future, and was brooding about the boy she loved as she had faced disappointment in love.

Dr. Shah studied the whole case and prescribed research-based medicines along with Pulsatilla 200.
The patient gave 1st follow-up on 3rd Dec-’15.

The Chalazion on the left upper eyelid had increased in size with pricking pain with the discharge of pus and no fever.

Dr. Shah restudied the case and prescribed Staphysagria 200 along with research-based medicine.
She gave her 2nd follow-up on 12th March ’16, the chalazion was 20 % better, the swelling was reduced but the pricking pain continued. 

Her 3rd follow-up was on 13th June ’16, the chalazion was better, the swelling had further reduced and pain had decreased.

She gave 4th follow-up on 29th September ‘16; the chalazion was much better with no redness and swelling. The pricking pain had also subsided. The chalazion almost disappeared. She was very happy.

(Case study prepared by Dr. Harshali J.)

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