A severe case of Urticaria was reported to our centre on 10th October, 2009..

A severe case of Urticaria was reported to our centre on 10th October, 2009. The name of the patient was Mr. N. K, a 22 years old male (PIN - 12757). He had Urticaria since 8 – 10 years. It had started with the legs and now covered more than 50% of body area. The attacks would come 3 – 4 times in a year with increasing intensity. They would subside in 4 - 5 days of treatment. He would present with large hives, redness with swelling on hands, legs, neck and face. There was no itching. He would always get fever associated with urticaria. He had to be hospitalized for these complaints on a few occasions. The Urticaira would get triggered by stress, change of temperature, dust, seasonal change.

In his personal history, he had cravings for sweets and spicy. He had excessive perspiration especially on face. He was a hot patient. There were no complaints with stool, urine, sleep.

He had just completed his electronics engineering and was recruited in Infosys, Mysore. His family consisted of father, mother and brother. His father was in a government job, mother was housewife. His brother was working as a software engineer.

He was a carefree and happy go lucky by nature. He was very careless about his personal hygiene. His room would always be untidy and dirty.
He was emotionally sensitive. He was intelligent and very good in studies.

In the past history he had frequent tendency for cold. He had complaints of migraine till the age of 15 years, which had been treated with ayurvedic medications. He had burning in palms and soles during migraine attack. He even suffered from sun headache.

He was allergic to diclofenac and sulpha drugs.

In his family history father and paternal grandmother had migraine and hypertension. All other family members were apparently healthy.

His case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah. He was prescribed Sulphur 200C a single dose and some research based remedy.

In the next 6 months his Urticaria was stable. He did not get a single attack. He was absolutely healthy and symptom free.

In the next feed back given on 3 rd September 2010, he was happy to share that he did not had a single attack throughout the 1 year of treatment. The frequency was 3 – 4 times before starting the treatment.

He was advised to stop the treatment and stay in touch in case of a flare up.

He was disease free for around two years. A week ago, he developed mild symptoms and hence visited the centre. Dr. Shah prescribed him medicines for 1 month. He expressed his happiness with the treatment.

(Uploaded on 6th Sep 2011 by Dr.MNP)

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