A severe case of ulcerative colitis completely cured with homeopathy, surgery prevented

Mrs. S.P. (Patient Identification Number 16478) a 36 years old lady visited Life Force on 16th July 2011 presenting with extremely active ulcerative colitis (UC).

A Colonoscopy had detected ulcerative colitis 3 years ago. Presently she was at her lowest body weight since adulthood. She had lost 10 kilograms in 6 months. She weighed 45 kilograms at the time of consultation.

She was taking corticosteroid and Imuran (azathioprine; an immunosuppressive drug), but these medications were not bringing her relief. As her UC could not be medically managed with conventional medicines her treating gastro-enterologist had hinted towards a surgery, if she did not respond to medicines. She was not ready for surgery.

She had chronic diarrhea and severe fatigue. Frequency of stools was 7 to 8 times a day and each stools contained bright red blood. She was too debilitated. Because of the debility of her illness, she stated that she couldn’t take care of her two children.

For most of her life she had eaten high fatty diet characterized by high intake of red meat, sugary desserts and drinks, high-fat foods, dairy products, eggs, and refined grains. No other apparent contributing lifestyle factors were noted.

Her paternal uncle suffered with carcinoma of intestine. No other inflammatory bowel disease or autoimmune conditions were noted in family history.

She was under a great deal of stress because of her condition. Stress caused by: her limited ability to take care for her children; due to her illness; anxiety about the future and despair for recovery. Basically she was reserved by nature. Due to the prolonged suffering she had lost the confidence to recover.

After going through the case thoroughly Dr Shah prescribed her our research based medicine along with the constitutional medicine. She was advised to continue the conventional medicines.

At 2 months follow up (Sept 2011) Mrs. S.P reported that bleeding along with stools had reduced by 80 %. Only morning stool contained blood as compared to every stool previously. Frequency of stool had reduced by 30% from 7 to 8 times to 5 to 6 times per day. Most importantly her fatigue had reduced. It was too early to reduce the doses of conventional medicines as in such cases relapses are common so she was advised to continue the conventional medicines as before.

At 4 months follow up (Nov 2011) Mrs. S.P was very happy to report that bleeding had completely stopped and the frequency of stools had reduced by 60%. She also stated that her condition was aggravated for a week after she had some spicy food but it came under control with the same medicines. Fatigue had dramatically reduced and she started feeling active. 2 kilograms weight gain was noted. In regards to her recovery it was decided to reduce her doses of conventional medicines with the help of her local doctor.

At 6 months follow up (Jan 2012) Mrs. S.P reported that her condition was stable but no further improvement was seen but overall she felt more energetic in doing her daily activities. On examination it was noted she had gained one more kilogram.

At 8 months follow up (Mar 2012) Mrs. S.P. is feeling approximately 80% better from her initial presentation. She has gained weight and her energy level is much better.

She has stopped the conventional medicines. Her doses were reduced and eventually discontinued, although she occasionally used it for flare-ups. The flare-ups were mostly caused by eating certain food to which she was hyper-sensitive. This food stuff would throw her off track for a few days, but she recovered more quickly than in the past.

To Mrs. S.P, the most important benefit of her healing was that she could once again be a mother to her two children. As she described it, she was doing “incredibly well.” For maintenance treatment, it was recommended that she should continue our medicines for another 4 to 6 months along with dietary restrictions.

In this case homeopathy resulted in dramatic clinical improvement and enhanced quality of life. It is probable that the treatment prevented the need for surgical intervention. The conventional medicines were not stopped immediately; however, they were only reduced, when she was convincingly better with homeopathy. This multi-factorial, integrated approach is highly recommended in the cases of UC.

Case study uploaded by Dr SNB on 5 March 2012

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