A severe and recent case of Urticaria treated within 6 months with Dr. Shah’s research based medicines.

The patient Mrs. S. S. (Patient Identification Number - 16943) started the treatment for Urticaria on 10th September 2011. The case details were narrated by her husband. She had not come for the first consultation, so her husband gave all the case details. Patient was 22 years old and newly wed.

The Urticaria started a month ago and would appear every alternate day. It would subside only after taking an antihistaminic tablet. The symptoms were – severe itching, burning pain, hives all over the body. She also had dermatographism and angioneurotic edema. She would develop swelling over the lips and around the eyes, along with the Urticaria. She would occasionally feel weakness. The first episode was treated by steroids as it was too severe. Since then she had been on antihistaminic medicines.

There were no associated complaints.

Her appetite was normal with cravings for fish, curd and spicy food. Her thirst was decreased. The perspiration was scanty. She was intolerant to heat.

She was a housewife married to a communicator in the Indian Navy. Her husband was residing in Mumbai, while she was living with her in laws in Kanpur.

She was described as ‘cool and clam’ by her husband. She was sensitive to any remarks made by her in laws.

In her family history – mother was suffering from under active thyroid and tennis elbow; paternal grand father was suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure.

Her case was analyzed by Dr. Shah in detail and she was prescribed Pulsatilla Nigricans 30c along with some research based medicines.

After 2 months on 3 November 2011 her husband reported with around 30% improvement in her Urticaria. She had been able to stop the antihistaminic tablets 10 days ago completely. She had started with naturopathy treatment as well.

After 4 months she personally visited our Borivali centre on 9 January 2012 and reported almost 50% improvement. She did not have a single episode of Urticaria in last 2 months. The Urticaria would last for 4-5 hours as compared to 24 hours initially. The intensity had reduced to mild as initial severe form. The swelling associated with the hives were now insignificant.

After 6 months of treatment, she visited the center on 10 March 2012, she reported 80% improvement. There would be mild occasional rash and swelling. She was overall feeling much better. She was very happy with the outcome of the treatment.

She has been advised to continue the medicines for another couple of months for complete recovery.

Case study by Dr. M. N. P

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*Please note that results and duration of treatment may vary depending on the constitution of your body.