A seventy five years old patient could get rid of her chronic Urticaria with Dr. Rajesh Shah's homeopathic treatment.

Mrs. B.S.S. (Patient Identification Number 6223) visited Life Force on 8th October 2008 for the complaint of chronic Urticaria. She was suffering since more than 15 years, but her Urticaria was getting worse in last 3-4 years.

She would get Urticaria almost daily since last 3-4 years. It would start with itching, followed by red rashes on a particular part of the body. Each episode would last for 2-3 hours. Her sleep was disturbed due to itching. Her complaints would get worse in winter and at night. She would feel temporary relief after applying cold water on affected area. She would get burning on scratching the affected skin area.

She was on anti-histamines T Dazit (Desloratidine) since last 3 years. She had to take it twice a day to control her Urticaria. She had taken many treatments like Ayurvedic, homeopathic etc. but nothing had given her relief from her Urticaria. She was very frustrated with the medicines and wanted to get rid of anti-histamines.

Her son came across the website of Life Force while searching on the internet about Urticaria treatment. He was very impressed with the results of Dr. Rajesh Shah in treating Urticaria. He brought Mrs. B.S.S. to Life Force. Her case was taken in detail.

She had average appetite. She was fond of sweets and sour food. Thirst and bowel habits were normal. She would perspire profusely on face and neck. Sleep was disturbed due to itching.

Mrs. B.S.S was a widow, staying with her son and daughter in law. Her husband had expired 2 years back. She was anxious about her health. She was dominating and obstinate by nature. She always wanted things to happen as per her wish. She had become irritable because of her long suffering. She would not express her feelings easily. She was religious. She always wanted everything neat and clean. If things are not kept at proper place, she would get irritable. There was no major stress.

Her case was studied in detail by Dr. Rajesh Shah and constitutional medicine was prescribed. In first two months, there was not any significant change in her complaints. She still had to take anti-histamines twice a day. Intensity, duration and frequency of her Urticaria were same. It was explained to her that chronic cases of Urticaria do take time to respond to homeopathy. Her feedback was studied and medicines were upgraded.

On 30th March 2009, she reported 40% improvement in her Urticaria. She was getting rashes almost every day but intensity of itching was reduced by 30-40%. She could reduce the dose of antihistamines to once a day. Sleep was improved. In next four months, there 10-20% further improvement in her Urticaria. Intensity of itching and burning was further better. She was still taking antihistamine once a day. In her case, the improvement was slow but it was continuous.

On 20th February 2010, there was 50-60% improvement in her Urticaria. Intensity was better by 50-60%. She could further reduce the dose of antihistamines to once in a week. She was very happy to reduce the intake of antihistamines. Sleep was further improved.

On 10th August 2010, there was 80% improvement in her Urticaria. She had taken antihistamine almost once in a month or once in 2 months. Intensity of itching and burning was reduced by 70-80%.

By 16th March 2011, she was completely recovered from her chronic Urticaria. She could stop antihistamines. She did not have single episode of Urticaria in last 3-4 months. She was very satisfied with the treatment. Chronic Urticaria takes time to respond to homeopathic medicines. But, rightly selected homeopathic medicines have strength to cure the Urticaria.

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