A school teacher found excellent recovery in Vitiligo within 6 months of Dr. Shah’s treatment.

Mrs. S. J. was a forty eight years old school teacher residing in Borivali, Mumbai. She had been informed about Dr. Shah through an old patient, Mrs. D. M. D who had been cured of her Calcaneal Spur pain by Dr. Shah, a few years ago.

Mrs. S. J. decided to meet Dr. Shah personally at our Chembur center and visited on 11th September 2013. She had started to develop these white spots on her fingers since 2.5 years. There were two spots on the first and third finger of right hand and one spot on the first finger of left hand. The spots were approximately 1.5 x 2 cm diameter. She had been taking ayurvedic medicines since past 2.5 years and found mild relief. Since a month she stopped that treatment. It had started to spread since 2 months. She was advised to check Thyroid levels by Dr. Shah.

She was a simple lady with no specific liking or disliking in food. She would take a liter of water a day. She was tolerant to both the extremes of temperature. She was approaching menopause as her menses had become irregular since past few months.

Her family consisted of husband and 3 children. Her husband was a bank manager in a local bank. Her eldest son was studying in the final year of engineering. Her daughter was doing a course of computer applications. Her younger son was in the 9th class. She was a teacher in a government aided school.

Her life prior to marriage was happy. After marriage she had to face several hardships and disappointments. Her husband was alcoholic and dominating. She would often get physically abused by him. Her in laws supported her husband. She had been suppressing the hurt, anger, indignation, sadness all these years. She was calm and reserved as a person. Since past 10 – 15 years, her life had become stable as she had joined a school for teaching. Her children had grown up and were supportive towards her. Her husband was greedy for money, lately she had started to oppose him. The harassment had decreased since then.

Her father suffered from diabetes.

Dr. Shah examined her and prescribed her Sepia 30c 2 doses and few research based medicines.

She visited Borivali on 19th October for a follow up. The spots on her right hand had started to respond. The spot on her left hand had been same. There were no new spots and spread. Her thyroid levels were normal. Dr. Shah made the necessary changes for further improvement.

She visited Borivali on 14th December for second follow up. The spots on right hand had recovered by 40%. The spot on left hand had recovered by 30%.

She visited Borivali on 8th February 2014. She had excellently responded to the medicines. There was around 75% repigmentation in the spots on right and left hand.

She is still continuing the medicines for further recovery.

Uploaded on 22nd March 2014, by Dr. M. N. P.

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