A Retired Navy Officer Got Excellent Results In Recovery Of Vitiligo With Homeopathy

50-years-old Mr. O.P.G. (PIN 18818) visited Life Force Homeopathy on 9th April 2012 for treating his hypopigmented spots on underarms, testis, and around the penis and some gastric problems which he was suffering from a few days.

He was an Ex- Junior Commissioned Officer from Navy from Ranchi, Jharkhand who was retired in 1998 but now engaged in a private job. He had very thin and average personality. He was staying with his wife and 2 sons. His parents were not staying with him. He had an average appetite, and he had a desire for eating sweet foods prominently. He used to feel pressure at times while passing urine. He had a normal stool. He enjoyed sound sleep without any dreams. He used to be comfortable in both the extremes of temperature. 

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He was very simple and straightforward person. He was principal minded and disciplined person. He was very honest by nature. He sometimes used to feel insecure. He used to get very angry, but now he was trying to control his anger because it gave him negative results. His both the sons were not settled in life. He tried to avoid stress as he was thinking that struggle does happen in life. 

He had never suffered from any major health-related issues since childhood, except in 1998 while retiring from Navy, he had breathing difficulty. In his family, nobody had any major disease. 

By considering the above details of the patient, Dr. Shah analyzed his case history and prescribed research-based molecules to him for 1 month. In the first month, no improvement was seen but the progression of the disease had stopped. So, the patient continued with the same medicines for 6 weeks.

On 30 June 2012, the patient reported that all spots were stable and there was no increase in their size. But, new small spots had appeared on his hands and legs so he got depressed a little bit. He was advised to be patient as sometimes it may increase due to the natural tendency of disease. Based on the totality, research-based molecules were prescribed to the patient for 2 months. 

In September. 2012, the patient reported that the spots were stable and no new spot had developed. In a few patches, he observed a change in the color. So, same medicines were prescribed by Dr. Shah to him for 2 months.  

When the patient visited on 12 November, he reported that all his spots were stable. But, one new spot had appeared over his face. However, such fluctuations can be effectively treated with the necessary changes in medicines. So, this time SYPHILINUM 200 was given to him with the same research-based molecules.
The patient had experienced less improvement in the last 8 months. But, his spots were stable. There was no increase in the old spots. 

In February 2013, the patient reported more than 10% improvement and spreading of the spots had stopped. So, he was given 2 months medicines. 
The patient reported 15% improvement in April 2013. Some of the spots were found to have turned dull. The patient was satisfied and his anxiety had decreased. The spots had stopped spreading, but the recovery was slow. So, the necessary changes were made by Dr. Shah in the next batch of medicines and they were given for 2 months.

In the follow-up of September 2013, he reported a few small spots had disappeared. So, this time the same medicines were advised to be continued in higher potency so that the recovery can be made faster and better for the next 2-3 follow-ups. He continued medicines for 6-7 months.

In his further follow-up in June 2014, CARCINOSIN 200 was given to him along with research-based molecules. The patient said that earlier there was an improvement in the condition, but, in the last 3-4 months, it’s increasing. He was told that might be a natural tendency of disease. The patient was experiencing a slow recovery. In some cases, we observe this type of improvement. 

In November 2014, the patient said that there was a decrease in the size of small spots whereas larger spots were observed healing slowly. This continued up to 5-6 months. 

In May 2015, he reported that spot had stopped spreading. Underarm spots had decreased by 50-55% and small spots on hands were better by 65%. He was quite happy this time. No anxiety was experienced by the patient. He was given medicines for 2 months.  

In September 2015, the patient reported that spots had stopped spreading. The rate of spreading had minimized. The rate of recovery was slow in this case. This time the patient was feeling approx. 60 % better. Dr. Shah continued with the same research-based molecules for the next few months. 

In December 2015, the patient was feeling 60-65 % better. Spots on his private parts were better. No new spots were seen. Old spots were better, and the spots had stopped spreading. So, he was given the same medicines by Dr. Shah. 

In July 2016, the patient said he was satisfied with the treatment as his old spots were disappearing. So, the same research-based medicines were prescribed by Dr. Shah to him for the next few months. 

On 3 Nov. 2016, the patient in his follow-up said that his underarms spots have been recovered drastically and re-pigmentation was being observed. The spots had started to fill up from the center. So, he was given the same medicines for the next 2 months and was advised to continue them for the next few months for full recovery. 

The patient seemed to be very happy this time as his spots decreased and no new spot developed. His anxiety also vanished. This made him live freely. His happiness has no limits now. In a very few cases, recovery can be seen slow as it varies from patient to patient. But homeopathy made him happy and helped him to live happily forever. 


This case illustrates that homeopathy is quite effective in treating vitiligo safely without any side-effects. Homeopathy promotes recovery from vitiligo significantly and improves the patient’s overall well-being.

- Written by Dr. Pradeep, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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