A Remarkable Recovery From Alopecia Areata Achieved With Homeopathy at Life Force

A 21-years-old girl, Ms. A.K.G. (PIN: 26161) consulted Chembur branch of Life Force on 9th July 2015 for her complaints of alopecia areata. She was suffering from alopecia areata for the last 2 years. Her first alopecia areata patch was noticed on her scalp in November 2013. It was covered after the treatment, but again two new patches appeared on the back of scalp in February 2015. She had developed two patches of 2-3cms. She was suffering a typical itching before the appearance of the patch. She was taking allopathic treatments for it. Besides this, she was also suffering from PCOD. For PCOD, she was taking the conventional treatment.  

The patient was a vegetarian by diet. She liked spicy food. She didn’t like bitter food. Her thirst was quite less. She was intolerant of the hot weather. Her bowel movements, urination, and sleep were normal. 

She was a student of B.Com. Her father was running a real estate business. Her mother was a homemaker.  

She was confident, extra cautious, and anxious by nature. She never used to express her emotion in front of anyone. She was an introvert and reserved person. She had a tendency of weeping on small things. She was oversensitive. 

In her family, her father was suffering from diabetes, and her mother had hypothyroidism. Her paternal grandfather was suffering from asthma and diabetes, and her paternal grandmother was suffering from arthritis. Her maternal grandmother had hypertension.

Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed her two doses of Calcarea carb 30 and his research-based molecules for alopecia areata.

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On 24th August 2015, when she gave her first follow-up, there was a very good improvement observed in her patches. Her itching on the scalp had reduced a lot. Her menses were not regular, still, she was taking the conventional medicine.

A few months later, when she gave her follow-up on 5th November 2015, her previous alopecia patches had improved by more than 70%. A few new spots were observed on the back of her neck.
Later, when she gave her follow-up on 22nd December 2015, her alopecia areata complaint was under control. But, her menses were irregular so she started the homeopathic treatment for PCOD from Life Force. 

On her follow-up on 19th May 2016, she had experienced a complete recovery from her previous patches of alopecia, but a small new patch had appeared on left occiput area. Her alopecia patch was always preceded by amenorrhea. Her PCOD complaint had also improved. Her menses were regular for three months without any hormonal pills. Her dysmenorrhea was totally cured.

On her follow-up on 11th November 2016, she reported 80% improvement in her new spots on the scalp. She had experienced a complete recovery from all her previous spots. No new patches were observed. 

A few months later on 2nd June 2017, she informed 90% improvement in her occiput spot. No new spots had appeared. Also, her menses had improved. 

After this, when she gave her follow-up on 11th November 2017, her condition was under control. No new eruption had occurred. Also, her relief from PCOD complaint was improved by more than 70%. Her menses were regular. 

Then, the patient gave her follow-up on 10th March 2018 and reported a significant improvement in all her complaints. She had experienced a complete recovery from her alopecia areata patches. She had experienced a noteworthy hair regrowth. Her menses were regular. She was satisfied with the result.

Her all complaints were in a good state, so she stopped her medicine. 


This case illustrates that homeopathic medicines are deep-acting and aim at curing auto-immune conditions like alopecia areata effectively, by treating multiple factors responsible for alopecia areata, such as stress, hormonal disturbances, nutritional deficiency, systemic illness, genetic tendency, and other responsible factors effectively and safely without any side-effects.

- Written by Dr. Priyanka A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah (MD, HOM)

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