A progressive and obstinate Lichen planus case treated with more than 80% recovery.

Mr GG (PIN 18500), a 53 years old gentleman from Pune, India visited Life Force Homeopathy on 5th March 2012.

He was suffering from extensive Lichen planus since 3 month. There were dark colored small round spots on his legs, feet, hands and chest. He used to have severe itching with dryness all over lesions. Due to itching, he would scratch so bad that the lesions used to bleed occasionally. The spots were increasing day by day involving his scalp area also. He was not taking any medicine for this and would only apply some herbal moisturizer.

While searching on the internet he came across Life Force Homeopathy. He went through the information about Lichen planus given on www.askdrshah.com/app/lichen-planus by Dr Shah. He then decided to get it treated by Dr Shah at Life Force.

During his first visit at Life Force, while noting down his case study following details were noted.
He had average but slightly over weight built. His appetite, thirst, digestion, sleep were normal and regular. He would sweat very less and would easily get affected by hot weather.

Emotionally he was irritable and would speak out his anger often over his wife only.

All his vital parameters like blood pressure, pulse, heart rate, respiration was normal during examination. After case study the details were evaluated by Dr Shah and Constitutional medicine was prescribed on 5th March 2012. Medicines were given for 6 weeks.

Mr GG, then reported on 19th April 2012 with hardly any relief in his complaints. Associate doctors at Life Force suggested him to have patience to see relief with necessary changes in next medicines. Dr Shah enhanced the dose of medicines and prescribed it for next 6 weeks.

He then reported late in the month of July. He mentioned that the disease progression has slowed down and there was slight relief in itching. With the advise to take medicines regularly, next 6 weeks medicines were prescribed.

Thereafter there was faster and consistent improvement noted. In September 2012 his dryness and itching was 50% better. The black spots on hands and feet started turning brown and subsequently became normal with no scar marks.

In December 2012 and February 2013 he was happy to mention in his progress report that the legs, chest and scalp spots are also turning into normal skin color. Every time there were necessary changes made in medicines by Dr Shah. He, initially was concerned about slow recovery but was convinced when doctors made him understood how difficult it is to treat such chronic and deep rooted disease like lichen planus.

He kept his patience and continued medicines. Recently he submitted his progress report on 18th June. He was very happy to mention that there was more than 80% recovery all over.

Uploaded on 19 June 2013, by Dr. P.D.

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