A playful, sweet child was significantly relieved of frequent colds with Dr. Shah’s medication.

1.9 years old P. S. B. visited our clinic on 23rd October 2009 with her parents. Her Patient Identification Number is 12806. She was suffering from frequent colds since 5 – 6 months. She would get an episode every 15 – 20 days which would last 5 – 7 days. She would get paroxysmal sneezes with clear watery discharges. There would be rattling cough which she could not expectorate. She would suffer from high fever. She would take antibiotics and paracetamol to subside this attack. Her weight was 9 kg.

Her appetite was average. She liked salty food and yogurt. She disliked spicy and sweets. Her thirst was excessive. She would perspire profusely on the scalp. Her sleep was sound. She would prefer sleeping on back or right side.

She was staying in a joint family with her paternal grandparents. She was attending a playschool.

She was irritable and cranky. She was playful and extrovert. She would like to play with other children.

Her mother had suffered from a respiratory infection during her pregnancy.

Her mother was a known case of allergic asthma. Her paternal grandfather was suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

Her case was studied by Dr. Shah and she was prescribed a research based medicine.

Her mother reported on 14th December with no episode of acute cold since last 6 weeks. She would occasionally get sneezes.

Her father reported on 5th March 2010 with further improvement. She had 1 episode of cold but no fever. The cold and cough was not severe, but manageable with homeopathic medicines. Her case was reviewed and medicines were upgraded.

After 10 months of medication she reported on 13th August 2010 with further improvement. She had started suffering with cold, cough, fever, loose motions since 1 month. She had started to go to school since 1 month probably that had triggered it. This was taken into consideration while prescribing by Dr. Shah.

After a years treatment she reported with 75% improvement in her frequent colds. The fever did not relapse. The cold would be mild and occasional.

On 28th January 2011 she was further better. She had an acute episode of ear infection 2 months ago, which was treated by antibiotics. She had dry cough for which she was taking anti allergic medications. This time her case was reviewed in detail and medicines were prescribed by Dr. Shah. She was given Drosera 200c single dose and Hepar Sulph 30c along with few research based medicines.

She reported on 15th March with over 80% improvement in her frequent colds. There was no episode of cold, cough or fever in the last 2 months. Her case was reviewed by Dr. Shah and medicines were upgraded.

Uploaded on 4th April 2013 by Dr.M.N.P

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