A Pediatrician Got An Excellent Relief From Psoriasis With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 46-year-old Pediatrician, Dr. M.V.R. (PIN: 36160) started treatment for her psoriasis at Life Force Homeopathy and got remarkable relief from it. The patient started her treatment for psoriasis on 19th March 2018 at Life Force. She was suffering from its complaints for the last 3 years. Solitary patches on the soles, heels, and toes with severe itching, scaling, and dryness at the lesions were the discomforting symptoms of psoriasis that were affecting her. She was taking Ayurvedic treatment for 3 years, but, she didn’t get any relief in her complaints. She also started taking Allopathic treatment for 1 month and then stopped the treatment because she experienced no positive results.


Besides psoriasis, she was also suffering from hypertension, which was in control with the help of antihypertensives.


She was a vegetarian. Her appetite was good. She was having a craving for salty food items. She was intolerant of the hot weather. She was enjoying a sound sleep. Her bowel movements were satisfactory and urination was normal.


The patient is a pediatrician, who owned a hospital, and her spouse was a cardiologist. They had a son of 20 years. She was happy and well-settled in her life. She had no significant mental stress in her life.


Her father had Hypertension, and her mother had Hypothyroidism. She was a mild, gentle, and introvert person. She maintained good relations with her colleagues. She was a calm person, who never used to get angry at all.  Even when she would get angry, she won’t express it to others.

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After examining and analyzing the case details thoroughly, Dr. Shah prescribed Mezereum 30c and research-based medicines to the patient.




When she reported at the clinic on 1st July 2018, there was a 10% improvement in her relief from the condition. The spread of Psoriasis was in control. The itching, scaling, and burning in the skin lesions had reduced.


Later, when she gave her follow-up on 18th September 2018, there was a 30% to 40% improvement in her relief.


After 7 months of following homeopathic treatment continuously, when she gave the follow-up on 10th April 2019, there was a 45% improvement in her relief from the skin condition. The itching and scaling of her lesions had reduced further. The dryness and cracks in her feet had reduced. The oozing of fluid from the lesions had also reduced.


Again, when she reported on 13th June 2019, there was an 80% improvement in the recovery from her psoriasis complaints. Her psoriatic skin lesions reduced a lot. She was very happy with the results.


Still, she is continuing the treatment for further recovery.



This case shows that homeopathy is highly effective in treating chronic psoriasis safely without any side-effects. It provides relief to the existing skin lesions as well as controls the further spread of the lesions.


  • Written by Dr. Athira W., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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