A Lichen Planus Patient Got Wonderful Results And Relief With Homeopathy

Lichen planus is an inflammatory condition of the skin and mucous membrane with characteristic symptoms, such as swelling and irritation in the skin, hairs, nails, and mucous membranes.


Causes of Lichen Planus:

Lichen planus is believed to be an autoimmune disease, but it may result due to other factors, such as side effects of certain drugs or as an associated symptom of Hepatitis C. Some of the other causative factors of lichen planus include:

  • Viral infections
  • Allergens
  • Stress
  • Genetics


Symptoms of Lichen Planus:

The following are the common symptoms of lichen planus. 

  • Purplish-colored lesions or bumps on the skin and mucous membrane
  • Lesions that spread
  • Itchy lesions
  • Lacy white lesions in the mouth (gums and inner aspect of cheeks)
  • Irregular longitudinal grooving and ridging of the nail plate, thinning of the nail plate, atrophy of nail bed, etc.


Fortunately, you have homeopathy to treat the skin condition. Let’s have a look at a case of lichen planus that was treated with homeopathy effectively.


Case Study

A 46-years-old patient (PIN: 40768) approached Life Force on 28th July 2019 for getting his complaints of Lichen Planus treated. He was suffering from the disease condition for 1 year. His main presenting symptoms were hyper-pigmented patches on the hands, chest, and legs. He had more post Lichen Planus hyper-pigmentation and the current flare-up of symptoms was due to stopping the use of steroids which he had been taking for almost 1 year. He had severe itching on the affected areas with a moderate burning sensation. His complaints would turn worse when he would experience stress or after taking spicy food.


His history of ailments was also asked in detail. The patient had a history of allergic bronchitis at the age of 20 years which was completely healed with homeopathic treatment.


When asked about his family’s medical history, the patient told us that his mother and brother were diabetic.


His treatment history was also asked and updated for future reference.


A detailed case history was taken including both his mental and physical generals.


Physical Generals:

The patient was a non-vegetarian with an average appetite. He had cravings for spicy food and an aversion to sweets. When asked about his addictions, the patient told us that he doesn’t have the habit of smoking, drinking alcohol, chewing gutka, or tobacco. His motion was satisfactory, and he had no urinary complaints. When asked about his sleep, the patient told us that he enjoyed a sound sleep. He had no disturbances or repeated dreams coming in his sleep.


Mental and Emotional Sphere:

His mental symptoms were also asked. The patient had a happy childhood with a very supportive family. He was married at the age of 29 years and had a satisfactory married life. He had two kids, and he was more concerned about their studies and future. He was a very mild, polite, and gentle person but was a lot anxious about his disease condition. His intellectual sphere was also considered. His logic, intelligence, memory, perception, and analysis all were good.


His general and systemic examination was done. His BP (132/88 mm hg) and Weight (86.8kg) both were updated for future reference.


Dr. Shah went through the whole case and analyzed it in detail and prescribed medicines to the patient. Also, the patient was given a diet chat related to lichen planus.



At the first follow-up on 11th September 2019, the patient complained of an increased itching and the development of new eruptions, particularly on the hands. The itching led to scratching on the affected parts along with the bleeding and burning sensation.


His second follow-up was on 4th November 2019. By this time, his relief in the itching was better by almost 40%. The patient was, however, getting new lesions but in a moderate way.


In the further follow-ups, the patient was getting new tiny lesions but in a milder form. The itching was reduced considerably. The patient was more concerned about the new lesions that he was getting.


By 10th July 2020, his eruptions were getting stable. Also, the patient was completely better with his relief in the itching and bleeding from the affected parts. Only the post Lichen Planus hyper-pigmented spots were persisting, particularly on his legs.


In the following follow-ups, the patient was further improving. Also, his hyper-pigmented spots were slowly fading away.


By 4th June 2021, the patient was better by almost 90%. His lesions were stable, and the hyper-pigmented spots had also faded considerably.


The patient was very happy and satisfied with the treatment he received from Dr. Shah at Life Force Homeopathy.



This case highlights that homeopathy offers excellent treatment for lichen planus. It promotes deep level healing by improving the body’s immunity. Since homeopathy works at removing the root cause of the disease, it ensures a permanent or long-lasting solution to autoimmune diseases, such as lichen planus. Homeopathy is safe, effective, and free from any toxic effects as well.


  • Written by Dr. Poornima P., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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