A free lancer writer found cure for her Lichen Planus with Dr. Shah’s medication.

Mrs. B. U., 36 years old female visited (Patient Identification Number - 12020) LifeForce center on 11th April 2009 to seek treatment for Lichen Planus. She had been suffering from this since 5 months. She had been applying steroid based creams on the eruptions and hence they were mild in appearance; all over body. The itching had reduced due to the allopathic medications. She had stopped applying the steroid creams since 20 days and hence they were spreading.

She had also been suffering from Migraine since last 15 years. The frequency would vary but the severity was intense. She also had mild acidity and constipation. There would be occasional shoulder pain due to excessive usage of working on computer. In winters she would have dryness and peeling of palm skin, which would be better by applying moisturizer.

Her appetite was average with no specific liking or disliking. She was sensitive to cold weather.

She was a free lance writer and would write on different subjects. She was also a production engineer working in a company. Her husband was director in a media company. They had mutually decided not to have children due to their lifestyle.

She described herself as ‘temperamental’. She would get irritated easily.

Her mother had suffered from some skin disease in the past. Her father was suffering from heart disease.

Her case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and she was prescribed few research based medicines. She was advised regarding mild flare up expected as she had recently stopped usage of steroid based ointment.

She visited on 22nd May with spread and increase in new spots of Lichen Planus. As it was anticipated and explained she was calm and assured that it would decrease. The itching was uncontrollable. Her migraine as well the acidity and constipation were the same.

Her case was reviewed by Dr. Shah and she was prescribed Natrum Muraticum 200c 2 doses along with research based medicines.

On 16th July she reported with considerable improvement in her Lichen Planus. It was well under control with respect to spread. The itching had reduced significantly. The migraine had appeared only once in last 2 months and the severity was less. The acidity and constipation was also better.

After 7 months of medication she visited on 5th November, 2009 and reported with 60% improvement. Most of the active lesions had subsided and only the marks were remaining. The itching would be occasional. The acidity and constipation were relieved by 75%. The migraine frequency had further reduced. Her case was reviewed and medicines were upgraded by Dr. Shah.

She reported on 1st February, 2010 with almost 90% recovery in her Lichen Planus. There were only post healed marks on the skin. No active lesion was reported. The itching was nil. The migraine was also further improved in intensity.

She visited on 19th January, 2013 with her husband for his few complaints. When enquired regarding her Lichen Planus she was happy to say “I am fully cured’.

Uploaded by Dr. M.N.P on 3rd April 2013

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