A Doctor suffering with Hepatitis C, was treated by Dr.Shah

Dr. A.M.V (Patient Identification Number 14582) visited the clinic for the treatment of Hepatitis C. Hepatitis C was detected in April 2010. His viral load and genotype was not done.

He was also suffering from depression with lots of stress and hair fall since 1.5 years.

He was also suffering from Athlete’s foot since 17 years.

After the detailed case history it was found that he suffered from Hepatitis C after the dental surgery which was done 20 years back and was on dental treatment for long time.

His appetite was average and had marked cravings for spicy, sweets and salty things. His sleep was disturbed due to stress.

His childhood life was stressful as his father was very strict and dominating. He used to be scared of his father and would stammer in front of him. Due to this he became meek and docile. He would find difficulty in making decision as he had lack of confidence. He was stressed and lamented about his wife as she was not in good terms with his mother and she never used to allow her son to meet his grandmother. He had responsibility of his three younger brothers also after his father’s death.

His parents were suffering from Hypertension and Ischemic heart disease. His father was also having Parkinson disease. His paternal grandfather died of cancer.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied his case details and he was prescribed research based homeopathic medicines for Hepatitis C.

After the medication for 4 months his hepatitis C virus (HCV) was detected negative. His depression was much better. He gained confidence. He was advised to continue the medicine for athlete’s foot.

The main concern he had was that he was working in the Middle East, and he had a good job, but due to Hepatitis C his job and livelihood was threatened.

He was explained that we can try to treat him. We could not guarantee the report becoming negative.

But with his faith in Dr Shah and proper medication, his Hepatitis C became negative. He could save his well paid job, which was very necessary at that time because his brother’s were dependent on him.

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