A Difficult Case Of Vitiligo Effectively Treated By Homeopathy At Life Force

A 40-years-old male, Mr K.D. (PIN 9093) visited at Life Force Homeopathy on 18th November 2006. He was suffering from vitiligo since one year. His elbow, knees, finger tips, and lower lips were affected by the disease. He had a bilaterally symmetrical pattern of this disease. His mucocutaneous junctions were affected by vitiligo. His disease was progressing continuously. He was taking steroid orally as well as applying it externally. But, his spots were increasing in number as well as size.

He liked milk and disliked spicy food. His appetite, thirst, urine, perspiration, bowel movements, and sleep were normal. 

He was working in BARC as a scientist. He lived with his wife. He got married two years back and his wife was pregnant. His parents and younger brother lived in a village of West Bengal.

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He was shy and reserved by nature. As an elder son, he had always taken responsibilities of his home. He was very sincere and responsible person. He was anxious about his illness since one year. He had harmonious marital life.

His mother was suffering from high blood pressure. Besides this, there was no specific family history. There was nothing specific in his past medical history also.

His case was studied in detail by Dr Shah &, after that, he prescribed him research-based medicines.

Mucocutaneous junctions, which are difficult areas to treat, were affected in this case. So, it was already explained to the patient that his case would take time to recover and medicines will help in treating the existing spots to a certain extent, in controlling the spread, and in preventing any new spots from occurring. 

He visited for his first follow up on 26th March 2007. He reported that he had tapered his steroid medication, and he had not got any new spots after that, although his old spots did not show any improvement. Dr. Shah had done the required changes in his medicine.

On 16th November 2007, he was glad to report that his vitiligo spots had faded slightly on the lower lip and finger tips. There was a mild improvement observed on his elbow and knees.

On 21st January 2009, he reported that his elbow and knees had started showing mild re-pigmentation. He mentioned that a few mouth ulcers appeared since a few days so Dr. Shah prescribed the changed medicine.

On 18th September 2009, he reported good re-pigmentation in his spots. No new spots had appeared.

On 10th October 2010, the patient reported a little bit spreading in his big toes spot. He was suffering from throat infection since a few weeks. He was feeling feverish since a few days. The required changes had done in his medicine by Dr. Shah.

On 11th March 2011, when he gave his follow-up, his condition was improved a lot. Re-pigmentation was observed in his spots.

On 4th June 2012, his condition was under control. His finger’s spots improved by more than 70%. No new spot had appeared on body & old spots were not spreading. Also, his relief from frequent cold complaint had also improved a lot.

On 20th July 2015, when he gave his follow-up, his lip’s spot was also showing some improvement. Previously, his lips were more whitish in colour, but now it was pink in colour. Other spots were also improved. He was not facing any other complaint.

On 13th May 2016, when he gave his follow-up again, his condition was better than earlier. The patient was satisfied with the result.

On 12th April 2017, when he visited our centre, his vitiligo was good in condition. Due to affected muco-cutaneous junction & bilateral symmetry, this case was quite different but the patient was getting satisfactory result. However, that time he was suffering from a new complaint which was prostatitis. So, for this complaint, he started homeopathic medicine from our centre.

On 14th November 2017, when he visited again at centre, his vitiligo had improved a lot as well as his prostatitis was cured totally.

Still, he was continuing the medicine for further recovery.


Homeopathic medicines are deep acting and aim at effectively treating all factors responsible for the disease, such as stress, hormonal disturbances, nutritional deficiency, systemic illness, genetic tendency, and other responsible factors.

- Written by Dr Priyanka A, Associate doctor to Dr Rajesh Shah (M.D.)

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