A child suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome logged in to Homeopathy and could log out of steroids.

Master. H.S.B. (Patient Identification Number- 15160) 3 years old child from Canada, suffering with Nephrotic Syndrome started with online treatment at Life force in July 2008.

He was diagnosed with Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome, and was on prednisone (cortico steriod). He had swelling on the face, around the eyes and on the legs. He also had ascites. He had weight gain with increased appetite after starting steriodal treatment. His urine proteins were 4 +, however since he was on cortisone, the urine protein was nil, presently. He had developed high blood pressure, secondary to the use of steroids. His parents always kept a check on his urine proteins.

He was on steriodal treatment since the last 4 months, he was started on prednisone 42.5 mg which was tapered down to prednisone 7.5 mg, alternate day and than gradually reduced further. He had recently stopped prednisone dose.

He would get frequent infections of common cold after minimal change of weather. It manifested with symptoms of cold, cough associated with fever.

His appetite was increasing ever since he started with steriodal treatment, his thirst was average. He was gaining weight, weighing about 14.3 kgs. He was tolerant to both hot and cold weather. He had received all his vaccinations on time. He had a sound sleep.

He was staying in Canada with his parents and grand parents. His parents basically belonged to India, but they were resident of Canada since many years. He had an elder brother and sister. According to the data given by his father, he was a playful child and would easily get friendly with others.

In his family hsitory, his grandmother had diabetes, there was no any other major illness in the family.

His case details were studied by Dr. Rajesh Shah and he was prescribed Uranium Nitricum 200c along with Dr. Shah's research based medicines for Nephrotic Syndrome.

After 4 months (October 2008), there was a slight increase in the urine protein, but the swelling had shown slight reduced; though not majorly. His father was explained the nature of disease, that in steriod dependent nephrotic syndrome after stopping of prednisone there are chances of increase in the urine protein. Dr. Shah made appropriate changes in the prescription.

After 4 months (Feburary 2009), there was improvement in his general health. His weight had reduced and the swelling on his legs and abdomen had also reduced. In the last 4 months, twice his urine protein was positive and the frequent colds still persisted, even though the intensity was milder. His case details were studied in details by Dr. Shah and was prescribed accordingly.

After 7 months (September 2009), he was 100% better, no any major episode of cold and cough, his nephrotic syndrome symptoms were also completely under control.

After about 1 year of treatment(November 2010), he was much better. His urine report sometimes was positive when he had flu, dry cough and after few days it slowly came back to negative. There was no need of giving steriods after starting homeopathic medicines. His nephrologist was very happy with this; frequent cold and fever many a times triggers a fresh episode and often patients require steroids.

After another 1 year (October 2011), he was much better. He had responded very well to the homeopathic medicines. Whenever he had cold or cough, his urine protein level was between negative to trace to 1+ positive, but after two days it again becomes negative. But he never again had relapse of nephrotic syndrome.

After 1 year (July 2012), he is still progressing. He was much better. The frequent colds episodes had also reduced. The urine protein was negative, no relapse after 2008.

After starting homeopathic medicines, there was no relapse of nephrotic syndrome, the child never required steriods again.

His parents were very pleased with the treatment at Life Force and are thankful to Dr. Shah for helping their child to gain freedom from this dreadful disease and from the dependency on cortisone.

Uploaded by Dr.KSW on December 2012.

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