A Child From Gujrat Got Cured Of Long Standing And Steroid Dependent Nephrotic Syndrome At Life Force

Master H.P (Patient Identification Number: 15381), a child aged eight years reported to Life Force with his parents on 25th January 2011 for the treatment for nephrotic syndrome . He got diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome five years back when he had complaints of swelling around the eyes. On consulting the nephrologist and going through a series of investigations he confirmed it as nephrotic syndrome and started with conventional treatment. 

Following investigations were performed

  • Urine Test - 12/1/2011
  • Urine protein- 67mg %
  • Urine creatinine - 29 mg%
  • Urine protein Creatinine ratio-2.31

LIPID PROFILE- 11/12/2010, Cholesterol- 486.10 mg/dl

Kidney Biopsy- 13/8/2010 revealed features are of focal and segmental glomrular sclerosis associated with mesangial cell proliferation in non sclerosed glomeruli.
Currently he had intermittent swelling around the eyes and urine was mildly frothy. He was taking the following medicines since March 2010. T Cyclophin 50mg (morning) which was cyclosporin and had its own side effects, 50mg (evening). T. Wysolone 20mg (corticosteroid), T. Losar 25 mg since one and half months.

Secondly, he also complained about headache since ten months. He had a severe headache after long hours of study and was better pressing the headache and massages.
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Personal details:

He was a vegetarian and had craving for spicy food. His thirst was adequate. He had a profuse sweat on his forehead and face. He was sensitive to hot weather. 

Past History

He did not have any major illnesses in the past.

Constitution and family set up:

He had an average body frame with a wheatish complexion. Patient lived with his family in Bharuch, Gujrat and was the only child of his parents. He studied in 2nd std. His father was working with a marketing company and mother was a primary teacher. 

His parents narrated his nature to be friendly and playful. He has a good presence of mind and seems more mature than his age. He would not tolerate anyone cheating while playing; he would get aggressive and at time hit his mates too.


After assessing his case, based on the totality Dr. Shah prescribed Carcinosin 30, and two of his research based medicines on 25th January 2011. The patient was explained the nature of disease and was well informed about the current steroid masked disease. Parents were given a clear idea about treatment plan and tapering the dose of steroids. Side effects of Cyclosporine and steroids were informed additionally. The parents were also issued a diet chart specific for nephrotic syndrome and instructed to follow it.

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Follow ups

Patient’s father reported his son’s follow up on phone dated 4th May 2011. He swelling around the eyes was reduced by twenty five percent though he still had frothy urine. He informed about the latest investigations dated 12th April 2011 as following: Urine protein: 105, Urine creatinine- 50mg%, Urine Protein Creatinine ratio: 2.10mg%, Urine proteins = 2+. The nephrologist had reduced the dose of T. Cyclophin to 25 mg due to which there was an increase in urine protein. Dr. Shah prescribed the further set of medicines accordingly.

Patient’s mother called up for his second follow up dated 24.10.2011. Mother mentioned a reduction in symptoms such as swelling around the eyes and the urine was not significantly frothy compared to the last follow up. She also sent the latest reports as follows 12 October 2011 - urine albumin +, Urine protein- 49, Urine. Creatinine- 44, Urine. Protein creatinine ratio - 1.10. There was an improvement seen in the urine protein which was initially 2+ now reduced to 1+. Other kidney parameters were also under control. Dr. Shah prescribed Urianium nitircum 30 and a research based medicine.

The patient reported to Life Force for the follow up dated 2nd May 2012 after a gap of three to four months treatment. The child was now on T. Wysolone 5 mg alternate day and T. Cyclophin 75 mg (50+25) mg per day. The nephrologist meanwhile reduced the dose of steroid medication (T. Wysolone 5 mg) but increased the dose of cyclosporin due to increase in urine protein. Recent reports revealed, Urine protein creatinine ratio - 0.96. The parents also mentioned about a headache episode which he had due to exams and long hours of study. The case was evaluated and parents were counseled about stress management for child which could be the cause for both the complaints.  

The patient’s parents called on 17th November 2012 to order the next set of medicines. They informed that their child was stable after the last medicines. He was active and other physical generals were good. There was no headache in the last few months. They requested to send the same set of medicines which had helped keep the disease in control. The medicines were couriered to the patient accordingly. 

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Parents called up for follow up dated 18.6.2013 which was a remarkable one. They happily mentioned about the positive difference in the health of their child. The patient was asymptomatic. The good news was that the nephrologist could advice to stop T. Cyclophin the reason being Trace Urine protein, SGPT 15 and Creatinine 0.5. Dr. Shah prescribed medicines along with certain dietary and regimen instructions. 

The patient reported to us on 15th December 2014 for feedback. Parents mentioned a seventy five percent improvement in nephrotic syndrome. The patient was completely off the conventional treatment since three to four months due to the consistent recovery in his complaints. The child would get puffiness of the eyes especially early morning and would wane away as the day progressed. However there was an episode of cold and cough which was caused due to eating outside and change of weather. There was no fever associated and it was managed by home remedies.  The parents were happy with the overall progress and collected the further medicines which Dr. Shah prescribed.

The parents called up to us on 16th June 2015 to give his follow up update. There were no major complaints. The associated complaint of headache was better consistently.  According to Dr. Shah’s advice parents were informed to continue the treatment for four to six months in order to maintain the recovery and prevent relapse. 

Parents called up on 22nd June 2016 saying that their child is completely better. They reported the recent investigations done dated 27/05/2016. Urine Protein (mg %) 9.00, Urine Creatinine (mg%) 41.00, Urine Protein Creatinine Ratio: 220. There were no urine complaints swelling noted consistently around the eyes or feet nor headache since past three to four months. There was no episode of fever or cold and cough in the recent past. The child was active and did not complaint about any major complaints. Parents thanked Dr. Shah for his support and co operation whenever they needed.  


This case depicted the patience and dedication of the patient by which he took homeopathic medicines. As it is rightly said slow and steady wins the race, this case was a perfect example of it. Educating the patient about the disease plays a major role in gaining confidence and faith in the treatment that one is going to receive. Children respond to homeopathy quite efficiently when it comes to chronic auto immune diseases like nephrotic syndrome. Patience and faith is something which is equally essential along with a proper line of treatment in chronic diseases.

- Dr. Kanchan Gohil, Life Force Homeopathy

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