A case of Urticaria with Angioneurotic edema..completely relieved of her complaints of 8 years with just few weeks medication.

Miss D. N. J., a 24 years old female visited our Borivali centre on 1st May 2011(PIN NO - 15958) for the complaints of severe Urticaria with Angioneurotic edema. She had been suffering from this complaint since the past 8 years, which had increased in the past 4 months. She had severe itching followed by extensive rashes and swelling of lips, eyelids , fingers and toes, which would subside after 2 days with antihistaminic medicines. She had undergone the blood investigation (allergy test) and was found to be allergic to few vegetables and fruits. Her IgE levels too were high. She was under stress due to marital disharmony since the last 4 months.

She was also suffering from PCOD since many years. She had been on hormonal treatment since the last 7 years, but still her menses were irregular.

Her appetite was average with marked craving for salt and aversion to sweets. She had reduced thirst and scanty perspiration. She was more sensitive to cold. She suffered from mild constipation.

Her menses were regular with scanty flow, she was on hormonal medicines.

Professionally she was a software engineer working in a multi national company. Her husband was a Chartered Accountant working in a private firm. Her father in law was a retired Chartered Accountant and mother in law was a homemaker.

She had been married 1 year back and was facing difficulty adjusting with her new life situation. She had been a pampered child at her home. She was very much attached to her parents. Her parents had never been dominating and here she was facing this domination from her husband and in laws. Her husband was not supportive at all. She used to brood about this and weep at times.

Her case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah. She was prescribed Nat Mur 200C as a constitutional and a research based medicine.

Within 4 weeks of her medication she was relieved by 50% of her complaints. The intensity of rash had reduced by 50% and the swelling did not occur even once in the last 1 month. The duration of rash had drastically reduced to 15 minutes as compared to 48 hours previously. She did not take a single antihistaminic in the past 4 weeks.

In the next follow up she reported she was absolutely fine as if she never had the complaints of Urticaria. She was completely relieved of her complaints of 8 years with just few weeks medication.

She is still undergoing the treatment for PCOD and is equally hopeful about its recovery.

( Uploaded on 30th Sep by Dr. MNP)

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