A Case Of Lichen Planus Cured At Life Force

Miss. B. S a twenty-nine years old female, (Case pin no L-7081) visited Life Force on 22nd February 2005 to seek treatment for Lichen Planus. She had hyperpigmented patches on both the legs for two years and were increasing gradually. She had few active lesion with irresistible itching. She had also taken a course of oral and local steroids for a year on and off. The biopsy done in 2003 had confirmed the lesions to be lichen planus. She also complained of allergic cold since her childhood. But her main concern was lichen planus.

Her appetite was average and she had craving for spicy food. She was sensitive to heat and felt comfortable in cold weather. She would perspire profusely, it was offensive and staining yellow. 
She had no major illnesses in the past and enjoyed good health.

Self and family set up

She was a social worker by profession and was working for an NGO. She was happily single, living with her parents along with two brothers and sisters. She had good confidence and would mix up easily with people. She was sensitive by nature and could not see others in pain, would readily help them in the best way possible.
There was a strong history of hypertension in the family. Her mother, father and maternal and paternal grandparents were hypertensive. There was no history of lichen planus or any skin disease in the family.

As per the above case details, Dr Shah’s research based medicines were prescribed.

The patient called for her first follow up. She happily informed about her relief in a short span of starting the treatment. In three months her complaints of itching and hyperpigmented patches reduced by almost twenty to thirty percent. She was given Carcinosin 200 along with Dr. Shah’s research-based medicine.

The patient reported for her follow up after two months and showed almost sixty percent recovery. The itching was considerably reduced which was worrying her the most. There were no new patches of lichen planus observed.

The patient visited Life Force on 7th October 2015 with stable Lichen planus. There were no increase or decrease in the spots. There were no new spots seen anywhere else on the body which was appreciated by the patient. There was no significant itching experienced. The patient was prescribed further set of medicines by Dr. Shah for further recovery.

Later with twelve months of dedication towards taking homeopathic medicines, she was completely cured of lichen planus. Simultaneously the complaints of recurrent cold also subsided. There were only hyperpigmented marks left on some of the affected areas of the body. 

This case illustrates that lichen planus responds very well to homeopathy. Complete cure and rapid recovery can be achieved in lichen planus with homeopathic medicines. Homeopathy also helps the patient get better in total, hence the patient after a long-term effective treatment with homeopathy gets rid of the allied complaints also. Patients always come out with a healthy immune system which helps prevent relapse of various autoimmune diseases. The patient’s dedication and taking medicines promptly helped her get rid of her lichen planus permanently.

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