A case of frequent cold in a geriatric patient cured successfully.

Mr. T. K. A. had retired as a personal assistant to the general manager of a renowned insurance company. He had been hale and hearty throughout his professional life. He was in his 80th year of life. He was not suffering from any major illness except high blood pressure, which was well under control with conventional medicines. His son was a writer and was being treated by Dr. Shah. His son had recommended Dr. Shah to him for frequent cold.

Mr. T. K. A. (Patient Identification Number - 20036) visited Life Force on 9th October 2012. He was accompanied by his wife. He would often get cold and cough since couple of years. The symptoms would be accumulation of whitish phlem in the throat, post nasal discharge, along with nose block. He would rarely feel runny nose. There was no throat pain but straining, he would frequently require to remove the phlegm. He would often get the feeling of the discharge being stuck in the throat and would try to hawk it out. He would take Ayurvedic medicines from a local doctor for temporary relief.

He was also diagnosed with benign enlargement of prostrate and was taking conventional medicines for the same.

He had a wart on his scalp since a year, which was gradually increasing.

He was a vegetarian. His appetite was average. He liked mild salt and spicy food. He did not prefer sweets. Cold weather or temperature was intolerant to him.

He was content and happy with his relaxed, post retirement life. His wife was a home maker. He was reserved and religious in nature. He did not like watching TV, movies etc, instead he would read religious books.

His son and daughter in law resided in a nearby vicinity.

He was prescribed few research based medicines based on his case details by Dr. Shah.

He visited on 21st November for the first follow up. He was feeling 25% - 30% better in cold and cough. The throat phlegm was also less by 20%. The post nasal whitish discharge was the same. The nose block was much better. The throat was sensitive even to chilly food. The scalp wart was the same. Dr. Shah made some additions in the medicines and prescribed the next batch of medicines.

He called up for his feedback on 7th February 2013. There was further improvement in cold and cough. The phlegm in throat was mildly better. The wart on scalp had mildly reduced in size.

He reported on 1st May with further improvement in all his complaints. His cold was better by 50%. The cough was improved by 70%. The phlegm discharge was further decreased. The scalp wart size was improved by 30%.

He called up on 12th June to report over 70% improvement in cold and cough. The discharge of phlegm was also less by 70%. The wart on the scalp had decreased in size by 40%. Dr. Shah upgraded his prescription.

He reported on 6th September with further improvement in cold and cough. The phlegm was now watery and not thick. The nose block was better by 75%. The scalp wart was improved by 60%.

He visited on 8th January 2014 with overall 90% relief in cold and cough. The phlegm was mild and nose block was completely relieved. The scalp wart had completely disappeared. He was prescribed medicines for another 6 weeks and his treatment was concluded by Dr. Shah as he was cured of all his ailments.

Uploaded on 22nd January 2014 by Dr. M. N. P.

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