A case of 6 year old girl suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome...


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Parents of 6 years old girl (Patient Identification Number 9834) visited Life Force on 7th August 2007 for the treatment of Nephrotic Syndrome for their daughter.

She was suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome since November 2006 and she had got 2 relapses of Nephrotic Syndrome in the last 10 months. Nephrotic Syndrome started with swelling of lower eyelids and gradually spread to her face and abdomen. Her urine protein fluctuated between trace to ++++. She was on tablet Wysolone 12.5mg per day, and tablet Telma 20 mg and tablet Levamisole 50 mg ½ per day.

Her appetite was average with marked cravings for sweets. Her bowel, urination, sleep was normal.

She was obstinate by nature. She would never share her things and toys with anyone. She was aggressive and irritable when things would not go according to her way. She was an active and playful girl.

Her father was suffering from lumbago, mother had Allergic Bronchitis and paternal grandfather had diabetes and hypertension.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied her case details and prescribed research based medicines along with constitutional medicine. She was advised to continue conventional medicines along with homeopathic medicines initially.

After 4 months of medications her Nephrologist tapered and stopped her steroids, and she again faced a relapse. Dr Shah again reviewed her case details and revised her prescription.

After next 3-4 months her Nephrologist tapered and eventually stopped the steroids.
But this time, she did not face any relapse; she got episodes of cold and cough, and one episode of high grade fever, but the urine proteins remained in the range of and trace and 2+.

After 18 months of medication there were no traces of protein in urine and her steroids had also gradually stopped. Her Nephrologist also stopped her tablet Telma 20 mg and tablet Levamisole.

She was advised regular urine protein check ups.
After 2 year of medications some traces of protein were seen in urine, when ever she would get infections, but there was no relapse.
She was only on homeopathic medicines.

Dr Shah advised her to continue the Homeopathic treatment for another one year.
Now it is over three years that she is under his care.

She has been successfully treated with Homeopathy.
She has gained good growth and height. She has been able to completely stop the steroids and anti-hypertensive medicines. Her immunity has improved considerably.

Her mother is incidentally a pharmacologist.
And she was always aware of the side effects of steroids, but she was also helpless as there was no other option. But due to Dr Shah’s Homeopathic treatment, she could get rid of her daughter’s steroids and this difficult and painful condition.

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