A businessman found significant relief in his stress induced Lichen Planus.

Mr. A. D. T., 35 years old businessman (Patient Identification Number - 15985) visited our Life force clinic on 5th May, 2011. He had multiple small lesions of Lichen Planus on legs and hands. He had been suffering since past 2 years. They would itch and bleed. He had taken conventional medicines containing steroids in oral and local form for continues 2 years. He had been relieved of the complaints for 2 – 3 months and it had relapsed back in severe form since 5 months. This time he resorted to homeopathic treatment under Dr. Shah. In his case stress was the causative and maintaining factor for his Lichen Planus. Stress was in the form of vexation and anxiety.

He had been smoking 8 – 10 cigarettes per day for last 15 years. He was also a habitual drinker. He had resorted to these things to relieve himself from stress caused due to business and family.

He also complained of Allergic Rhinitis since 4 – 5 years. He would get 20 – 25 sneezes at a time. He also had loss of smell. Change of weather and dust would increase his complaints.

His diet was mixed with excessive appetite. He craved sweets and disliked sour food. He would not sweat easily. He could not bear warm temperature. His bowels were satisfactory with excessive flatulence. His sleep was sound with dreams related to business.

He owned a logistics firm. His wife was a home maker. He had a 3 years daughter.

He would always feel anxiety for his business though he was successful. This anxiety would often cause him to think negative. He would not express his anger and instead resort to staying alone. He was reserved and did not like socializing. He was unsatisfied financially and was ambitious to earn more in business.

He had been surgically operated for tonsils in childhood due to frequent infections.

His mother suffered from rheumatoid arthritis.

Dr. Shah studied his case details and prescribed Lycopodium Clavatum 200c 2 doses along with few research based medicines. He was advised to stop smoking.

After 2 months he visited on 4th July for the follow up. He was considerably relieved of the Lichen Planus. The existing spots had flattened and no new spot had appeared. The itching was persistent. His allergic rhinitis was also relieved considerably.

When he reported on 16th September there was minimal increase in his Lichen Planus. He had seen some increase since last 15 days. The lesions on the leg were itchier. The allergic rhinitis had found further improvement. His case was reviewed and prescription was accordingly up graded.

After 6 months he visited on 26th December for the follow up. The spots on the hands were significantly better, while the lesions on legs had flattened. This was a sign of healing. There were few new active lesions on hands. The itching was considerably better. This time few new research based medicine were added in the prescription by Dr. Shah after a detailed case review.

He visited on 1st May 2012 and reported 60% overall improvement with a year’s medication. The appearances of new active lesions were under control. The old spots were flattened and healing. The itching was less but persistent.

He reported further improvement till 1st October 2012. He visited for follow up and reported mild increase in his Lichen Planus. There was spread of new spots on the hands and legs since 1 month. He was under stress with some business issue which had triggered the disease to reactivate again. He was prescribed Thuja occidentalis 200c along with the upgraded research based medicine by Dr. Shah.

He reported on 22nd November with significant improvement and control in his Lichen Planus. The speed of appearance of new spot had decreased and the old spots were healing. The itching was better by 50%.

He visited on 7th January 2013 with overall 70% improvement in his Lichen Planus. The hands and back spots were improved by 90% and legs were better by 75%. There was no itching. No new spot had appeared in last 1 month.

He is still continuing the medicines to get complete recovery.

Uploaded on 3/4/13 by Dr. M.N.P

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