A businessman found excellent cure for his chronic colds with Dr. Shah’s medications.

37 years old, Mr. B. S. visited Dr. Shah’s clinic on 27th October 2005. He was referred to Dr. Shah by another patient who had been successfully treated for Allergic Rhinitis. The patient identification number of Mr. B. S. is 7973.

He was suffering from frequent colds since one year. He would get continuous sneezes for 4 – 5 days in a week which would last for 1 to 2 hours. There would be thick, whitish discharge from the nose. He did not get any nose blockage. He would get irritation in the throat. He would get pain above eyes more in the sun. The sneezing would increase from change of weather, smoke, dust, moving from cold to warm room, cold fruits, etc. It would be better by warm. He had been taking homeopathy from another doctor, but it was not helping him.

His appetite was average. He disliked spicy food. His thirst was less. He did not sweat much. He was sensitive to cold temperature. His sleep was sound and occasionally had dreams of running.

He was a stock broker and businessman dealing with saffron. His wife was a home maker. His mother stayed along with them.

He was mild in temperament. He would avoid fights and arguments. He loved living a peaceful life and would keep himself occupied with many other interesting hobbies like astrology, tarot reading, numerology etc. He was reserved in sharing his problems with anyone. He had a philosophical bent of mind and would like spending time in company of friends.

Dr. Shah prescribed him Thuja Occidentalis 200c along with a research based medicine.

He reported on 16th November with around 15% improvement in sneezing and throat irritation. His headache was also better.

He visited on 5th January with further improvement in sneezing and headache. His throat irritation was better by 50%. He was presently having pain above eyes. Dr. Shah prescribed him Silicea 200c 2 doses along with research based medicine.

He reported on 1st April with around 60% improvement in sneezing, headache and throat irritation. Since past few days the sneezing and headache had increased. The throat irritation was better.

He continued the treatment for another month and was completely recovered.

He reported to our clinic on 26th December 2013 for back pain and other complaints. He was relieved in cold complaints for all these years.

He was sure of getting the same relief in back pain with Dr. Shah’s medicines.

Uploaded on 31st December 2013 by Dr. M. N. P.

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