A 6-Years-Old Girl From USA Got 90% Recovery From Vitiligo With 3 Years Of Homeopathic Treatment

Anxious parents of a 6-years-old girl Miss. S.B. (PIN: 23760) communicated from the USA with the doctors at Life Force Homeopathy online to seek help for their daughter’s treatment for Vitiligo. 

Her parents had started to notice a few hypopigmented spots in January 2016. She had developed hypopigmented patches near the corner of her right eye, the right side of chin, and the right corner of her lips from January 2016. Also, she had patches on her right side of the neck and behind her ears. After a thorough examination by a dermatologist, he diagnosed it as Vitiligo. They started with online treatment protocol under Dr. Shah on 1st February 2016. She had used Tacrolimus ointment in the past with no change in the spots. 

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She had an average appetite with a craving for cheese and fruits. Her sleep and bowel and bladder habits were normal. There was no history of any major illness in her family.

On 21st April 2016, the mother of the patient gave a feedback. The patient showed signs of improvement in her first follow-up itself. The white spots near her eye showed positive changes. The disease was in a progressing stage when she started treatment with Life Force, and it was effectively controlled with homeopathic treatment. No new spots had appeared in the past three months. The doses were revised, and new set medicines were sent across.

On 7th September 2016, the mother of the patient informed that her Vitiligo is in a good control, and the spot near the corner of the right eye and chin had experienced repigmentation completely. The mother was worried about the spot on the lips, and it was explained to patient's parents that the spot on lips comes under Mucocutaneous areas where response of color giving cells is less in these areas and it requires longer time to see response in these areas as it is difficult to stimulate the melanocytes in such areas. The parents were pacified and advised to continue the medicines.

In November 2016, the parents of the patient personally visited the clinic to express their gratitude. The child, i.e. the patient, was better by 90%, and no new spots had appeared in the last 11 months.

On 1st January 2017, the parents of the patient informed that the patient was experiencing a recovery from her old vitiligo spots, but she had developed some new tiny spots below the right eye and her right cheek. The medicines were revised and changed.

In the subsequent follow-ups, she continued to improve gradually. 

There was a sustained recovery from her Vitiligo in the subsequent follow-ups. With almost three years of regular treatment, she showed a remarkable improvement. Almost all her white spots cleared up completely, but, still, she was having some white spot left near the corner of her lip. She is still under our treatment for further recovery.

Vitiligo is a difficult auto-immune skin disease, and it requires deep-level immuno-correction. This condition demands a lot of patience to get treated at the root level. In the above case, we saw that the parents accepted and showed the patience to experience the recovery over a period of time and observed a remarkable improvement in their daughter’s recovery from vitiligo.

Written by Dr. Mithila K, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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