A 58-Years-Old Lady Recovered Incredibly From Trigeminal Neuralgia With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 58-years-old female patient, Mrs. P.N. (PIN: 36326) approached the clinic on 29th March 2018 with the complaint of trigeminal neuralgia (left-sided) that she was suffering from one and a half months. She used to suffer from severe pain that was quite frequent. Her pain used to increase while brushing, touching the face, & eating. She was taking conventional medicine but didn’t get any satisfactory result. Besides trigeminal neuralgia, she was also suffering from allergic rhinitis and hypertension. For that, she was taking anti-hypertensive medicine and anti-allergic medicine.

She was vegetarian by diet, but she used to eat egg sometimes. Her appetite was average, but, due to severe pain, she was unable to consume enough food from one and a half months. She was very fond of milk. She had no specific disliking for any food. Her thirst was more than usual. She was comfortable in all weathers. She used to experience a profuse perspiration, particularly on the forehead and face. Her motion was not satisfactory, & her urine was normal. Her sleep was disturbed. Her menopause had started for a few years.
She was a homemaker, and her spouse was a dealer of the generator. Her elder daughters were working with an NGO and younger daughter was completing her post-graduation. 

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She had suffered from a migraine in the past. Her sisters were also suffering from a migraine, and her maternal grandmother was suffering from allergic rhinitis.

She was confident and expressive by nature. She was talkative. She was emotional. Her father had expired at her age of 14, so she was emotionally deprived that time. Her mother expired two years back, she was again disturbed due to it. She saw her mother many times in her dream. She was very close to her brother and sisters. 

After going through her detailed case history, she was prescribed research-based molecule for her complaint.

During her first follow-up in the month of May 2018, she reported 10% improvement in her relief from the pain. Initially, her pain was very severe and she wasn’t even able to talk, and she was advised to continue the same medicine. Her allergic rhinitis complaint was also showed a 25% improvement in terms of relief. 

When the patient gave her follow-up on 15th July 2018, she informed 25% improvement in her recovery from the intense pain. The frequency and severity of her pain had reduced. Her relief from allergic rhinitis had also improved by 50%. Her hypertension was stable with conventional medicine.

In the month of September 2018, when she gave her follow-up, her pain was under control. Electric shock like the pain was reduced by more than 70%, but a dull pain was present. Her relief from the other complaints was better.
Later, when she gave her next feedback on 24th October 2018, her condition had improved by 80%. Doses of her allopathic medicine were also reduced. She was comfortable in eating and talking. Her relief from allergic rhinitis was also 75% improved. The patient was very happy and satisfied with the treatment. 

She is still continuing her treatment from Life Force for a total recovery.

This case highlights that homeopathic medicines can provide a significant relief from Trigeminal Neuralgia and help in controlling the pain, even in those cases which are not responding favorably to the conventional medicines. Homeopathic medicines are completely safe and have no side-effects.

Written by Dr. Priyanka, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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