A 54-Years-Old Patient Got Relieved Of Anxiety With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 54-years-old patient, Mr. C. J. G. (PIN L8057) reported to the clinic for the complaints of the feeling of uneasiness for one year. He used to suffer from the heaviness of the head during the episodes and his face would turn pale. Whenever he would experience such episodes, his wife would find that his face had a very anxious look. He would also experience dryness of the mouth and an urge for stools at such times. His blood pressure was also found to be high on such occasions. His anxiety would be much worse than usual when he would be in a warm climate and his symptoms would get better on moving into a cooler environment.

He was a loquacious person, and he spoke at length about the symptoms that he experienced. He was very anxious about issues related to his health. He remarked that he would be quite upset at these symptoms since he had always followed a very disciplined lifestyle. He said that throughout his life he had been very particular about his diet and regimen. He was so worried about his health that he had got himself extensively investigated in spite of the fact that his cardiologist had said that it was not needed.

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He described how he would unnecessarily get anxious at trifle matters at home or at work. One of his major worries was during the period when his daughter-in-law was pregnant and about to deliver. He said that in spite of the fact that there were many other ladies in the house to take care of her, he was extremely worried about her health and moved about in a panicky state. He had become short-tempered off late and would get angry easily but was unable to express his anger. He was also very fastidious and would get upset if things were not placed in order or work was not done perfectly as desired.

His had an average built and a normal appetite. He was very fond of sweets and had aversion to fried foods. He was sensitive to the cold in general and would prefer to remain warm. His sleep would be quite disturbed, and he would frequently wake up in between for no particular reason.

He stayed with his wife, son, daughter-in-law, and grand-daughter. There was a history of asthma about 25 years ago which got cured after Ayurvedic treatment. His mother had hypertension and severe knee osteoarthritis, and his paternal uncle had died of lung cancer. Apart from this, there was no other significant family history.

Based on the history, he was prescribed a remedy that has been developed at Life Force for the treatment of Anxiety disorders. 

At the first follow-up after one month of the treatment, there was no major change in his condition. The medication was stepped up in potency. 

After another 4 weeks of the treatment, he reported that he was feeling about 50% better in his complaints. His face also looked visibly relaxed, and he was not appearing as tensed as he would usually do. However, he expressed his concerns about the upcoming summer season which would worsen his complaints significantly. He was counseled about his complaints this time and was told to report to us anytime in case he faced problems due to the heat. 

To his own surprise, he described at the next follow-up that his complaints did not surface again as he had anticipated. He also added that there had been a couple of stressful instances that he had come across, but he did not get as worked up as before. His complaints of uneasiness of head had reduced substantially, and his blood pressure also remained normal on all his follow-ups. 

He remained asymptomatic for the next few weeks, and his treatment was thereafter concluded. He was asked to report to us in case he faced any problem anytime in future.


This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating anxiety neurosis and providing relief from the discomfort symptoms resulting due to it.

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