A 50 year old businessman with a chronic case of Trigeminal Neuralgia who had undergone repeated surgeries which would result in recurrence.

Mr. R. K. T (Patient Ref. No. S-5879) a male patient, 50 years old, had been suffering from trigeminal neuralgia for last 19 years. He had undergone surgery three times in the past but the complaints would recur every three years.

The complaints had started as toothache for which he had reported to a dental hospital. There he had 4 teeth extracted but the pain did not subside and kept recurring. He would experience burning, throbbing, shooting pain on the right side of the face. The pain would last the whole day long and when it would be at its peak it would be impossible to eat, drink, talk or sleep. Washing the face, brushing, blowing, shaving and exposure to cold would also increase the pain. Patient would wake up with severe pain in the morning and would first have to gulp a tablet for pain relief.

He also complained of pain in the neck since 30 years. The pain use dtoalternate between right and left sides. It would increase on exertion and when he would remain empty stomach.

He had a reduced appetite. He was fond of sweets. He had decreased thirst. He was a chilly patient and was sensitive to cold in general. His sleep was frequently disturbed due to the pain. He would often dream about going through some sort of difficulty or falling from a height.

He had suffered from typhoid in the past and besides this there was no other significant illness in the past. His father had ischemic heart disease and his mother had some kind of skin problem that he was not aware of.

He had a business of sports goods and fitness equipments. Basically he was a very shy and reserved person since childhood. He had very few friends in school and even at office. He had anxiety about being in public and would not even go to a hotel when alone. He would not speak out in front of people due to hesitation. He was unduly conscious about his looks because he had a lean physique. He lacked confidence in himself and due to this he gave up his driving lessons in youth. He preferred to remain alone and was a passive listener. Whenever he would take up some task, he would get nervous easily. He was forgetful and would constantly forget names and faces of people. He would get very angry when things would not go according to his wishes. He feared snakes and dogs. His overall mood would be depressed and sometimes frustrated. He would brood over his problems.

Within 4 months of the treatment, patient had more than 90% relief in his complaints. He was completely off all conventional medication during this period. Inspite of stopping those medicines there was no increase in the severity of the pain. In between he kept getting occasional relapses of the pain but the frequency and severity of the pain was lesser than before. The pain would be tolerable and would be controlled by the homeopathic medicines. During the periods of stress, the pain would relapse but it would be effectively controlled with the medication. Thus with homeopathy, we could effectively control the pain, which could not be achieved even with high dosage of conventional medicines. In addition to this the dependence of the patient on conventional medicines was also reduced to a great extent. Thus he could lead a near-normal life with the help of homeopathy.

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