A 43 yrs old man came to the clinic with complains of frequent colds. He had chronic colds, for the past 23 years.

A 43 yrs old man, Mr. B.P (Patient Ref no.L-9262), came to the clinic with complains of frequent colds. He had chronic colds, for the past 23 years. There was sneezing which would end up in nose blocks. The discharge was yellowish thick, mucus from the nose.
His colds would get worst in the winters, dust, ice creams and with every change of season. Occasionally, there was cough. There was no breathlessness.

He had complains of vertigo for past 4 years. There would be giddiness, once in a month, which would last for 20 to 30 minutes. There would be heaviness of head with flickering of the eyelids, which would be more with the colds.
The giddiness was worse while reading, traveling, on empty stomach and better by vomiting and after sleep.

His father had history of bronchitis and recurrent respiratory tract infections. His brother had frequent colds. His paternal grandmother had asthma. His mother had vertigo and diabetes mellitus.

The patient had an average appetite with a marked craving for spicy food.
He would sweat profusely all over the body. There was intolerance for heat. His bowel and bladder functions were normal.
His sleep was sound.

He was a stock broker by profession. His wife was a homemaker. His son was doing graduation from the arts stream. His daughter was in tenth standard.

He came across as a cool person, who would mix up easily with people. He said he usually he would not get stressed in life.

Based on this history, he was prescribed constitutional medicine and medicines researched at Life force Center for the treatment of frequent colds.
In the first month after treatment, his colds had improved by 35%. The nose blocks had reduced. The heaviness of head was relatively less.
In the subsequent follow up, his colds were better by 50%. The sneezing had subsided. There were no nose blocks. His giddiness had was better by 50%. He is continuing with the treatment for complete cure of his colds.

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