A 4-Year-Old Kid Found Complete Recovery From Vitiligo With Dr. Shah’s Homeopathy

This is an interesting case of a 4-year-old boy Mast. A.K (PIN: 43066) came with his mother for the treatment of Vitiligo. He presented with small to moderate-sized white patches over his nose, left upper eyelid, small spots on his right leg, a single small spot on his neck, and a few spots on the tips of his fingers. To his parents' surprise, all of these spots appeared in the last 15-20 days only. Clearly, it was a case of rapidly spreading vitiligo with no known cause or trigger. He had already started conventional treatment comprising immunosuppressant/steroidal applications and anti-parasitic tablets for a week. Wood's lamp examination, which is a confirmatory test to diagnose vitiligo, showed fluorescence positive, confirming vitiligo

Physical Generals:

Besides Vitiligo, his mother also complained about him not gaining adequate weight despite eating well. He weighed 15 kgs (age 4 years).

Psychological Aspects:

He was a happy-go-lucky child, and he would play all the time with no tantrums issue.

The patient’s mother was concerned and worried for her only child due to his skin condition. She had feared that, as the child will grow, vitiligo might spread on his face and all over his body. With all concerns, she came to Life Force for the treatment.


At Life Force:

Based on our vast experience in treating vitiligo, we have observed that children with vitiligo may be traumatized emotionally, as vitiligo leaves its mark not only on the patient’s body but also on the soul. Some children may handle the situation without special treatment; others may not.

Vitiligo may make children appear to be different from their peers; we need to supply them with the necessary self-confidence and self-esteem.

Dr. Shah studied the case in detail, pacified the anxious mother, answered all her queries about vitiligo, and prescribed research-based medicines and Calcarea Phos 30 to the patient along with dietary instructions and a few lifestyle changes.


On the first follow-up on 13th June 2020, there was no change but mild aggravation was observed. The patient also was using local steroids. It was the disease progression as homeopathic medicines usually take some time to bring in positive effects. The necessary changes were done in the power of medicines.

During the second follow-up on 31st July 2020, the patches were stagnant, no new patch had developed and the dependency on other medicine (local steroids) had stopped. The disease was coming in control with homeopathy.

In the subsequent follow-ups, re-pigmentation was observed around the eyes, nose, and fingertips.

When the child visited Life Force on 1st February 2021, after taking medicines for approximately 7 months, re-pigmentation was observed in all the patches over all the affected areas.

At the latest follow-up on 15th April 2022, the patient recovered from the skin condition fully without any marks of the disease. There was no active spot, all the spots had been completely re-pigmented.

Dr. Shah asked to stop the treatment, observe the child, and update us in the future in case of any disease activity seen.


This case illustrates that homeopathy can treat vitiligo in kids successfully and safely without any side effects. Homeopathy heals you from within, finding its way through many hurdles it corrects the disease from its roots. In Life Force, we are just not giving medicines for the illness but also a ray of hope to the patients for a better future. The mother who was once upon a time extremely anxious and stressed about this harmless disease left the clinic with a wide smile and gratitude.

- Written by Dr. Gayatri Deshpande, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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