A 3-Years-Old Kid Got 75% Relief From Chronic, Frequent Colds In 8 Months Of Life Force Treatment & Then Recovered Fully

A 3-years-old Kindergarten kid (PIN: 34258) visited Life Force Homeopathy with his parents to consult for his complaints of frequent colds. He was suffering from the chronic cold since the tender age of 1 year. He was on bronchodilators & antihistamines to get some relief. He had a runny nose with yellow discharges, cough leading to vomiting, fever, weakness, dullness, & body pains accompanied with the cold always. His parents were worried about his health & were not satisfied with the treatments which he had followed till then.

His symptoms would increase with the change in the weather & cold temperature. Some home remedies, such as steam inhalation, ginger, and honey, gave him a temporary relief. His mother had a history of Sinusitis in the past.

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The child was a vegetarian, but, to boost his immunity, his parents tried to include eggs in his diet. Nevertheless, he was experiencing a reduced appetite too due to the cold. He liked to have fruits, rice, or only curd. He had a good thirst & drank water frequently. He was uncomfortable in the hot weather & perspired profusely. His developmental milestones had a normal course. He enjoyed a good sound sleep.
He was a very reserved child & liked to play alone, & he was content with it. He was very possessive of his father.

Dr. Shah M.D studied the case in detail & prescribed advanced research-based molecules to the child for six weeks. In the first follow-up, the child experienced a 40% relief in his complaints, which was surprising to the family of the patient. During the second follow-up, the child was better by 75% with his relief from the frequency & intensity of his cold. His parents were very happy.

By May 2018, his relief from the cold was about 80% better. By July 2018, he was completely relieved of the cold. The child no more suffered from any episodes of the cold, runny nose, or a cough. Also, the child had no fever, body ache, weakness, & dullness. The parents are very happy with the treatment results & are happily continuing with the treatment so that the immunity of their child develops properly & there shall not be any future episodes of the sickening cold affecting their child.

This case highlights that homeopathy works wonders in treating a patient of any age group. Even a child with a low immunity can cope up well with the homeopathic medicines & can avoid the side-effects of the antihistamines & bronchodilators for the chronic colds that when overused can cause dependency on them with the progress of the disease further to the deeper level. Life Force medicines under Dr. Shah, M.D are the most advanced homeopathic medicines, which are invented after an intensive research, that provide a great long-lasting relief to the patient in a short period of time safely without any side-effects.

-Written by Dr. Aditya A, associate Doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D.

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