A 3-Year-Old Kid Experienced 90% Relief From Nephrotic Syndrome With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 3 years old male child (PIN: 35228) started treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome at Life Force on 12th January 2018.
The patient had been suffering from Nephrotic syndrome since 2017. He used to have swelling on his face and all over his body. Also, he used to pass scanty urine. The patient used to frequently go into relapse after an episode of cough and cold, which was almost continuous. The patient used to suffer from breathlessness, a dry cough, and fever frequently. Due to this he was unable to do any physical activity and had become very angry and irritable because of the complaint. 

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During relapses, his urine albumin levels used to be +3. The patient was kept on steroids and diuretics daily for 6 months, as his swelling had not reduced.

There was a family history of kidney disorders as the patient's uncle also had nephrotic syndrome. The patient's paternal grandmother had diabetes mellitus.

The patient's appetite had increased due to the steroids. He had cravings for milk and dry fruits, such as walnuts, dates, eggs, and chicken. The patient used to perspire profusely from scalp and soles. His sleep was disturbed due to frequent fearful dreams. 
By nature, the patient was angry. He used to get angry very easily and used to cry continuously. 

After going through the case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed Calcarea Phosphorica and research-based molecules to the patient. 

After taking homeopathic medications for four months, the patient experienced a 40% improvement in the relief from frequent episodes of cough and cold. The patient was showing improvement gradually with homeopathy. The frequency of his relapses had reduced considerably.

After one year of homeopathic treatment with Life Force, he was 75% better. The patient did not experience any relapse for about 2 months. His steroids dosages were also reduced. 

When the patient last reported on 4th April 2019, his relief from the complaints was 90% better. He had not experienced any relapse in the last 6 months. His steroids were also stopped from the last 2 months. 

The patient's father was very satisfied with homeopathic treatment and still continued the medications for further improvement.

This case shows that homeopathy works excellently even in difficult cases like that of Nephrotic syndrome. Homeopathic medicines work holistically improving the immune system and give wonderful results in treating children as well as help them to taper off the steroid medications. Homeopathy is highly effective in treating nephrotic syndrome successfully and safely without any side-effects.

Written by Dr. Swapnaja N., Associate Doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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