A 3-Year-Old Baby Finds Great Relief From Eczema In 1.5 Years Of Homeopathic Treatment At Life Force

A 3-year-old baby, Master V.S. (PIN: 32107) was suffering from Eczema with xerosis (extremely dry skin). The patient had visited Life Force Chembur clinic in May 2017 for getting his eczema complaint treated.

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The baby was suffering from Eczema since 4-5 months. The condition was also observed mildly affecting him after 1 year after his birth. It had relapsed in the past 4-5 months before coming to Life Force.

The patient had taken conventional treatment in the same period of 4-5 months, such as topical applications like Fusigen ointment and Dosetil cream.

The patient had complaints such as extremely rough skin with dryness. There were reddish rashes with severe itching in the affected areas. The patient’s condition used to turn worse at night. The areas affected were cheeks, back, forearms and the left side of the neck. The condition was spreading and increasing as soon as the conventional ointments were stopped.

The entire detailed case history was given by the patient's mother. The case was analyzed and studied by Dr. Shah. The child was given homeopathic medications based on his condition.


In the first follow-up in June 2017, his relief from eczema had started improving. The patches on the back and forearm were better by 30%-40%. The reddishness had reduced. The patient’s relief from itching also had considerably turned better. The relief from the roughness of the skin was overall mildly better.

In September 2017, the baby’s relief from the condition was improving with the medicines. Overall improvement was around 50%. The intensity of all the complains had reduced. There was no spread in any parts of the body. The relief from the dryness was getting better. The itching had become moderate and bearable, unlike before.

Meanwhile, the patient also had a fungal infection, for which he took conventional medicines for a few days and it was resolved. 

In October 2018, the patient’s relief from the condition was better by 75%. The dryness had considerably reduced and the recovery from the patches had got better. The skin texture overall the body was much better and improving. The itching was very mild. The nights were tolerable now, unlike before.

By December 2018, the patient’s relief from the condition had improved by 85%. His skin health improved very well. The texture was very smooth, unlike before. The roughness of his skin had reduced a lot and the dryness was under control. The itching was very mild. The nights were comfortable and the baby was very calm, unlike before.

The parents of the baby are happy that they chose Life Force for treating their child as he is dealing with the condition a lot better. They are happy to see the massive improvement in his recovery from eczema.

This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating eczema greatly and safely without any side-effects.

Written by Dr. Neethu Krishnan, Associate doctor to Dr. Shah

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