A 2.5-Year-Old Plantar Corns Vanished In 5 Months At Life Force Homeopathy

A male patient, Mr. D.E.M. (PIN: 20517) visited Life Force’s Aundh Clinic on 12th December 2021. He suffered from corns on the soles of both feet for two and a half years. Corns were spreading for a year. They were present in a cluster of 10 to 15 corns, which were painful on walking.

Physical Generals:

He had a mixed diet and a craving for spicy & sweets. He used to have alcohol occasionally. The patient was experiencing profuse sweating on the body, including his palms and soles. He preferred the cold temperatures, & heat was not bearable to him. His bowel movements were normal, & he had no urinary complaints either. His sleep was sound and refreshing.

Psychological and Family Make-Up:

He was a BDM in an MNC, & his wife was working as HOD at a University. They had a single daughter 7 years old, and together they were a happy family. His father was suffering from vitiligo, & his mother had a history of mammary gland cancer. His childhood was happy, but, his growing years & the initial days of his career were stressful.

His life had been full of struggles, and he belonged to a humble family. There was always a financial constraint, and he had strived hard for education and completed MBA from a small institute, his placement was difficult, and, after all the struggle, he reached great heights serving as Regional BDM for an MNC. By nature, the patient was reserved and didn’t mix well. He had a few friends only. He used to share thoughts with close friends only. He was slightly emotional, more practical, sensitive, and suppressed anger.

At Life Force:

After studying the case thoroughly, Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D. prescribed his research-based homeopathy medicines to the patient for 6 weeks.


On 27th January 2022, the patient experienced a 25% improvement in the recovery from the corns with a reduction in thickness & associated pain. Also, the speed of spread had reduced drastically with only 2 to 3 lesions developed since the treatment had started. So, based on the feedback, Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D. again prescribed him the subsequent batch of medicines.

On 5th March 2022, the patient further experienced an improvement of 50% in his recovery from the complaints of corns. No new lesion had developed. The patient was very happy & optimistic about recovery from his corn issue. Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D. again prescribed him another batch of medicines for 6 weeks.

The patient visited Life Force’s clinic on the 5th of May 2022 being happy with complete recovery from his complaints of corns. Not a single corn remained, not even a scar mark of it. The patient was thankful to Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D. for relieving him completely of his chronic corns permanently.



This case illustrates that homeopathy at Life Force works wonderfully in treating such discomforting & recurring skin outgrowths safely without side effects & preventing future recurrences by correcting the root cause of the disease.


  • Written by Dr. Aditya Atholi, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah M.D.

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