A 23 years old lady use to pass much mucus with the stools but there was no blood in the stools. Her stools were non-offensive.

This is the case of Ms. N.S (Patient Ref. No. S-3217) a 23 years old lady who reported to the clinic for complaints of bronchial asthma and joint pains. She was started on treatment for the same and was doing well with the homeopathic treatment. She was 5 months pregnant when she started the treatment. At the end of 4 months of treatment, her complaints of asthma and joint pains were significantly better. After the delivery of her first child (caesarian section), she started getting loose stools daily about 7-8 times a day. The stools would be watery and moderate to large in quantity.

She would get the urge to pass stools as soon she would eat or drink anything and she would have to rush to pass stools. The complaints would get worse at night and early morning. She would pass much mucus with the stools but there was no blood in the stools. Her stools were non-offensive. She did not have any complaints of pain in the abdomen before, during, or after the passage of stools. She had suffered from dehydration due to these complaints and had required admission to the hospital once for the same. She had been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis by her physician and was started on the conventional allopathic drugs for the control of the condition (sulphasalazine). She was on a high dosage of this drug for quite some time but it did not give her much relief.

Her appetite was normal although she would have reduced appetite whenever her ulcerative colitis would be aggravated. She had a desire for spicy and salty foods and had aversion to sweets. She would be comfortable in cold weather and disliked warm weather. She would prefer to remain in air-conditioned rooms mostly. She would sweat profusely especially on the face.

She stayed in a joint family after her marriage. She said that she was obstinate as a child but after marriage she her nature had become very adjusting. She loved to talk and was a very cheerful person. She would get nervous and excited very easily and had a history of getting loose stools even during her exams, engagement, marriage, etc.

She was prescribed Phosphorus 200 along with a dose of Syphillinum for the ulcerative colitis and gradually over a period of time her attacks of UC subsided. She would not get the attacks of loose stools with mucus as often as before. The urgency was much better than before. Gradually her allopathic medicine (sulphasalazine) was tapered off and later completely stopped. She continued homeopathic treatment for some more time for certain other complaints. She would get occasional loose stools sometimes but it would be easily controlled with homeopathic medicines and thus she was able to lead a near-normal life.

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