A 13-Year-Old Girl From The USA Experienced 90% Recovery From An Extensive Lichen Planus With Homeopathy

A 13-year-old female child (LFMPL-PIN: 24586) from the USA was getting scattered multiple red, black lesions all over her body since November 2016. Following the biopsy, it was diagnosed as inflammatory linear epidermal nevus that presents as multiple, discrete, red papules that tend to coalesce into linear pruritic lesions or the other differential diagnosis was a fungal infection. However, based on the physical examination and considering the genetic link of having Lichen planus to child's father, another dermatologist diagnosed it as Lichen planus. A dermatologist from the USA prescribed topical steroids to help soothe the inflammation and promote flattening of the lesion. She had small spots from mustard seed size to large pepper size. She was experiencing mild itching. Along with the topical steroids, she was undergoing light treatment which is phototherapy, however the parents were aware of the tendency of the lesions to persist and recur even after the laser treatments, so for a long-term solution to the problem, her parents contacted Life Force Homeopathy clinic on 27th March 2017 and opted for online treatment. Her parents were going through a very tough phase, as being a girl child where she had extensive hyperpigmented lesions all over her body it was going difficult for them to accept her disease. She was finding difficulty in going to school or in any social gathering due to her skin problem.

She had associated complaints of Eczema, and she had Vitamin D deficiency and was taking the supplement for the same. In her family, her father suffered from Eczema and lichen planus. Her mother was having a migraine complaint. Her paternal aunt suffered from Eczema.

Her appetite was good. She craved sweets and loved to eat butter.

She was studying in 4th grade and was a carefree, talkative child. Her parents migrated from India to the USA before 25 years.

Her case was studied in detail and appropriate homeopathic medicines were prescribed to her.


In April 2017 within 1 month of starting the treatment, her lesions got worse due to stopping the steroids. Dr. Shah advised continuing the same medicines as after stopping the steroids and phototherapy the chances of recurrence was expected. She had undergone 25 sessions of phototherapy before starting the Homeopathic treatment.

In July 2017, the child visited the clinic along with her parents and, after 4 months of Homeopathic treatment, she was better by 30%-40%. All her lesions had started to regress, they became flat and the itching was reduced. Though her lesions had started to flatten, the pigmentation was spreading. The relief from the lesions on her palms, soles, and in the oral cavity was better by 80%.

After the next 8 months of treatment in February 2018, her parents informed that most of the pigmentation had been significantly lightening across her body. In January 2018, they noticed some new lesions developed on her neck, however, they regressed again and healed.

In June 2018 after 18 months of treatment, there was a lot of improvement in her skin. Her lesions had lightened significantly. No new lesions had appeared, and there was no spread of pigmentation as she had earlier.

After 2 years of homeopathic treatment, the child experienced a 90% recovery from lichen planus. The patient's affected area pictures were compared from 3rd July 2017 to 1st July 2019, and in 2 years she had responded very well to the medicines. She was 90% better than earlier. She is still continuing with the treatment for a complete recovery.

Her parents are grateful to Dr. Shah and Life Force team to help their daughter to recovery from her extensive lichen planus. They recommended Dr. Shah to other patients for the treatment, and also her father and sister started treatment for their complaints under Dr. Shah


People with skin problems are at a high risk of developing psychological problems. The above case highlights that opting for Homeopathic treatment at the right time helped the child to recovery from her terrifying extensive lichen planus condition incredibly. Homeopathic medicines treat skin diseases at the root level without any side-effects.


  • Written by Dr. Mithila K, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D.


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