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A 56-years-old male patient from Andhra Pradesh, Mr. R.N (PIN: 16899) had started online treatment on 6th September 2011 for his Prostatitis. He had grade 2 prostate enlargement with 40 ml post void residue for 3 years. He was suffering from recurrent urinary tract infections. 

He was experiencing a burning sensation with urination and delayed emptying of urine. He was suffering from urination problem frequently, and, at night, he had to visit the toilet for urination for 3-4 times. He used to experience a lower back pain while urination. He was a known case of diabetes and hypertension and was on medication.

His appetite was average. He had a craving for sweets and non-vegetarian food. His thirst was average. He was more tolerant to the cold than to the warmth. His sleep was normal. His bowels were satisfactory. He was a senior scientist in a Government department, and his wife was a housewife. His two sons were software professionals. His mother was Diabetic.

He had suffered from the complaints of acidity in the past, and he used antacids for it. He was a happy person with no stress. He used to get provoked easily but had a good control over his emotions. He would suppress his anger. He was very diligent. After a detailed analysis of the case, Dr. Shah prescribed one of his research-based medicines for six weeks to the patient.  When the patient gave his first follow-up in November 2011, there was a 30% improvement in his condition. The frequency of his urination had reduced. His urination was slightly painful. His bladder evacuation was better. 

The patient’s urgency to urinate had reduced remarkably. The patient’s follow-up taken six months from then stated that his frequency had turned once in four hours. He took PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test which was 1.2. He reported that the pain while urinating had slightly aggravated for a week. Six months later, the patient’s follow-up showed a 75% improvement in his health condition. His frequency of urination had reduced to once or twice at night. 

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In his next follow-up after six months, he showed 85% improvement in his condition. The frequency of urination of the patient was reduced to twice at night and four times in a day. He said that he underwent a surgery for an ingrown toenail. The follow-up of the patient taken in April 2014 stated that the urine flow of the patient was absolutely normal. The frequency of his urination was as it is.  The feedback given by the patient in October 2014 stated that the frequency of his urination had reduced. There was a reduction in the strain experienced by the patient. He experienced a free flow of urine. Only a mild pain existed. 

When the patient gave a follow-up six months later, he reported that there was 85% improvement in his condition. There was a slight difficulty present at the end of the passage of urine. When the patient gave his follow-up in the month of October 2015, he stated that the frequency of his urination was stabilized and the strain had reduced remarkably. The PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test report suggested the value as 1.44 ng/ml, prostate size was 3.8x3.4x3.4, and the volume was 24 cc.

On the next follow-up of the patient in March 2016, the improvement in his condition was as before. Just a mild pain in the prostate was present, and the burning sensation after urination was present for three to five minutes for a week.

In July 2016, there was a 90% improvement in the patient’s condition. The intensity of pain of the patient had reduced. His PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) was 1.05 ng/dl. During the patient’s follow-up in Sept 2016, there was a remarkable improvement in his condition. His pain had reduced. He mentioned that this set of medicines worked well for him. In March 2017, there was more than 90% improvement in his condition. The intensity and frequency of his urine had reduced. Also, his PSA was under control. 

In November 2017, there was more than 95% improvement in his condition. The intensity and frequency of his urine had reduced. Also, his PSA was under control. In September 2018, there was around 97% reduction in his complaints. The frequency of his urine in the daytime was normal. His pain was also reduced.

This case highlights that homeopathy is truly beneficial in treating conditions like prostatitis greatly and safely without any side-effects. Homeopathy improves the generalized well-being and life of the patient to a great extent. 

Written by Dr. Ishwari, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah 

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