90% Relief From Prostatitis In Just 1 Year Of Homeopathy Treatment Improved Life Of The Patient

Prostatitis is the inflammation of the prostate gland, which is a small gland located under the bladder in men.

Different types of prostatitis are chronic, acute bacterial, chronic bacterial, and asymptomatic prostatitis.

Symptoms may include pain in the lower abdomen, pain around the genitals, the urgency to urinate, incomplete evacuation of urination, pain during urination and ejaculation, etc. Most cases of prostatitis result due to a bacteria called E.Coli. Sexually transmitted infections can also cause bacterial prostatitis. Factors that can increase your risk of getting prostatitis include urinary catheter inserted, bladder infection, pelvic trauma, enlarged prostate, etc.


Prostatitis can be diagnosed with the help of a CT scan, MRI, transrectal ultrasound, cystoscopy, etc.

Homeopathy can offer a gentle, natural, effective, and safe treatment for this condition. Here’s a case of prostatitis treated with homeopathy at Life Force.


Case Study:

A 31-year-old patient (PIN: 46079) visited Life Force Homeopathy’s Jayanagar branch on 21st August 2021 for the treatment of his complaints of prostatitis that he was suffering for the last 1.5 years. His main presenting symptoms were the burning pain after urination and incomplete evacuation of the urine requiring straining. Occasionally, he was suffering from pain in the groin, rectum, and lower abdomen. He also had dribbling of the urine at the conclusion of his urination. The patient had to pass urine 3-4 times at night. The patient had also swollen right testicle.


The patient was experiencing severe episodes 3-4 times a year which would last for 3-4 days. His condition was progressing slowly day by day.


His history of ailments along with his family's medical history was asked about and updated. His treatment history was also asked about and updated.


A detailed case taking was done including his mental and physical generals.


Physical Generals:

The patient was a vegetarian and had an average appetite. He had craving for spicy food. His thirst was excessive, and he drank almost 4-5 liters of water daily. He had average perspiration and was tolerant to both extremes of climate. His bowel movements were satisfactory. He enjoyed sound sleep and preferred lying on the left side.


Psychological and Family Make-Up:

His mental generals were also asked in detail and updated in his case file. He had a very happy childhood with well-supportive family background. Also, he had a very good marital relationship. He was a very mild, gentle, and polite guy. By nature, he was shy and reserved. He had anxiety about his future and mainly about his health. He was attached to his family a lot and loved to spend time with them. He also had an interest in sports such as cricket and loved to play cricket during his free time. His intellectual sphere was also considered including his memory, logic, intelligence, perception, and analysis.


His systemic and general examination was done, and his weight and BP were checked and recorded.


Dr. Shah had gone through the entire case file and medicines were prescribed after a proper analysis of the case.



At the first follow-up on 11th October 2021, the patient was 30%-40% better. His relief from the burning sensation was better, and his pain and swelling of the right testicle had reduced. The frequency of urination had also reduced. Dribbling of the urine was persisting and the incomplete sensation to pass the urine was observed more during the early morning hours. 


At the second follow-up on 6th December 2021, the patient was further better.


By 22nd May 2022, the patient was 70% to 80% better. Very occasionally, the patient had a burning sensation while passing the urine. His relief from all other symptoms was completely better.


By 24th July 2022, the patient was better by 90%. The patient was very happy with the treatment he received at Life Force and thanked Dr. Shah and the entire team for the excellent result.



This case illustrates that homeopathy has a good scope in treating prostatitis. Treatment is based on the individuality of the patient. Thus, medicines are prescribed with a holistic approach ensuring to give a long-lasting or permanent solution and a safe treatment for the patients.


Written by Dr. Poornima, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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*Please note that results and duration of treatment may vary depending on the constitution of your body.