90% relief achieved in oral Lichen Planus with research based molecules of Dr. Shah.

A teacher who had recently shifted to Pune contacted us online and took an appointment on 1st October 2012 to meet Dr. Shah. Mrs. S. R. G. (Patient Identification Number - 19987) visited Life Force to start the treatment for her oral Lichen Planus. She was 39 years old lady who had left her teaching job and shifted to another city with her family. Her husband was an officer in the Indian Army and he had been transferred to Pune. 

Oral lichen planus on cheeks inner side

She had started with the symptoms of recurrent burning and ulcers in the mouth since 4 years after a dental procedure. In the past 2 years, the complaints had become constant and continuous. She would get white flaky ulcers with burning and pain. At present, the right side of the oral cavity was affected. The tongue was swollen. She had done a biopsy of the ulcer which was confirmed as Lichen Planus. The complaints would increase during stressful periods. She had stopped gargling with cortisone mouthwash 2 weeks ago. In the past, she had also taken injectables cortisone for the same. She was taking prednisolone tablets for a year which did not give any relief.

She also complained of hyperkeratosis of both the toenails 4 years ago. Now it was better.

Her appetite was average with no specific liking or disliking. She was sensitive to cold temperature. There were no complaints in thirst, urine, bowels, sleep.

Her family consisted of the husband and 2 children. She stayed in the nuclear family. Her son was 14 years old and daughter was 11 years old.

She was irritable and short-tempered. She would get irritable if anyone did not listen to her. She was clean in her work. She had to leave her job as the family shifted to Pune. She felt the stress of not being able to help her family financially. She had graduated as a teacher. She was sad and depressed due to her disease.

In her family history – father had high blood pressure, psoriasis and kidney stone. Her mother was suffering from underactive thyroid and tuberculosis. Her maternal cousin was suffering from cancer. Her daughter was suffering from psoriasis and alopecia areata.

Dr. Shah studied her case details and prescribed few research-based medicines.

She visited on 24th December for follow up. She had mildly found improvement in right side lesions. It had increased for the initial few weeks as she had stopped using cortisone abruptly. She had noted that she would often feel an increase in ulcers before and during her menses. The new lesions would last for 10 days. They would be painful causing difficulty in talking and eating. She would apply local soothing gel for some relief when severe. The right thumb toenail blackish discoloration was same. She also complained of acidity for which the medicines were added by Dr. Shah.

She visited on 30th March to meet Dr. Shah. She had found 30% improvement in her oral Lichen Planus. Since 4 days she had her menses and hence there were new lesions on right buccal mucosa which were painful. The intensity was less as compared to previous such episodes. The right thumbnail discoloration was improved by 50%. The acidity along with a headache was better by 40%.

She visited on 3rd June for a follow-up. She had overall felt 50% improvement in her oral lesions. The right thumbnail was further improved. The pain and swelling had reduced. The intensity of appearance of new spots before and during menses was less than before. A headache and acidity were further better.

She visited on 26th September to meet Dr. Shah. There was overall 70% improvement in her oral lesions. The pain was better by 80%. The appearance of new spots during and before menses was 70% less. The right thumb discoloration was better by 70%.

On 10th January 2014, her husband visited to give a feedback. She was relieved by 90%. The pain and burning was significantly nil. The appearance of new spots had become occasional. Her husband was happy with the improvement.

She visited on 23rd January to meet Dr. Shah personally and thanked him for the wonderful recovery.

She is still continuing with the medicines for further recovery.

uploaded on 13 February 2014, by Dr. M. N. P.

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