90% Recovery From Lichen Planus & Oral Lichen Planus Achieved In 2 Years Of Homeopathic Treatment

A 50-years-old woman, Mrs. S. S. (PIN 29278) visited Life Force Homeopathy Chembur clinic on 18th July, 2016 with extensive lichen planus all over her body as well as inside the mouth. She complained intensive itching over all the affected areas. The condition was so extensive that even her nails of fingers and toes were involved.

She was suffering from this condition since two months, but it was spreading to a great extent which bothered her and increased her worry. She had previously taken conventional steroidal medicines for the same but found no relief, as the condition relapsed once the medicines were stopped. She was currently taking corticosteroids, when she visited us to control the same, but she hoped for a recovery with homeopathy.

Detailed case taking was done, in which stress was found to be present as one of the triggering factors. She was extremely stressed regarding her familial issues. There were no other complaints.

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She was a working woman. Her diet was vegetarian in nature, and her appetite was normal. She was of average built. She was an extrovert by nature and had a jovial personality.

Research-based medicines were given to her after detailed case study.

In her first follow-up itself, there was a remarkable improvement of 50% in her condition. Relief from the thickening of the affected areas was better, and the relief from hyperpigmentation was slightly better. The condition was in control than earlier with no new eruptions observed anywhere on the body. Her allopathic medicines were advised to be reduced in correlation with her improvement.

In the month of November 2016, she reported to have a 60% improvement. The extreme itching, which she suffered, had reduced and was in very much better control. The irritation due to the same had reduced. Her topical conventional ointments doses were reduced to alternate days, unlike daily before.

In the month of January 2017, it was noticed that her oral Lichen planus had reduced and was only slightly visible. Several areas, such as hands, legs and back, had started showing improvement with respect to the reduction in hyperpigmentation.

In March 2017, the patient was asked to stop her local corticosteroids applications totally. Her oral lichen planus had cured 100%, by this time.

Even after stoppage of the steroidal applications, the condition was very much in control and the improvement continued. The nails had recovered completely, and the oral lichen planus disappeared completely leaving no trace in the month of April 2017.

In June 2017, the condition was still in control and improvement continued in reducing the hyperpigmentation marks. No new eruptions were observed.

By August 2017, the improvement in her condition was around 70% in terms of relief from itching and spread, and the eruptions had become inactive leading to a great relief for the patient.

In November 2017, the spots had faded away to a good extent and so it lead to an improvement in the hyperpigmentation. All eruptions had flattened and become inactive, and no spread was noted.

In January 2018, the condition had achieved an improvement of 90%. The itching has totally stopped and the eruptions has faded to a great extent. Oral Lichen planus was cured and never appeared again. Lichenified nails had turned normal, and the thickness of skin in all affected areas was remarkably better.

The patient is still continuing treatment with us for complete recovery and is very happy with her improvement.


Homeopathy is the only ray of hope for complete recovery from difficult conditions like Lichen planus, where the scope of conventional medicine is limited. Conventional medications include steroids, which are more harmful than the disease itself leading to further complications for the patients. Cortisone leads to relapses of Lichen planus and makes the person dependent to the same leading to no complete recovery.

- Written by Dr. Neethu, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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