9 years old conventionally resistant Urticaria recovered by 80 percent with Dr. Shah’s research based medicines.

Mr. G.J (Patient identification no- 28877) visited Life Force on 3rd June 2016 with complaints of chronic urticaria. He suffered from urticaria since nine years the frequency being daily lasting for the whole day. He would get reddish raised eruptions anywhere on his body with severe itching. The rashes did not subside even after taking any anti-allergic medicines like Allegra 180 mg. The episodes as he mentioned were more significant since two to three months. 

On inquiry about the causative factor, he mentioned that the urticaria episodes gradually started when he shifted to Mumbai in the year 2006. He was working in a lab and would get exposed to certain chemicals and soil during testing. The urticaria would get triggered especially during the summer season, at night and when he was empty stomach; he was better in the winter season and when in AC. 

He was not responding to any anti-allergic tablets. He had also taken psorid (cyclosporin) medication for one month in the past with a temporary relief. There were no specific investigations done for the allergy. 

He had a good appetite and was dominantly vegetarian by diet. He had craving for sour foods and thirst was adequate. Thermally he was sensitive to hot weather and sleep was sound.

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Self and family set up

He was married since three years and had a four months old daughter. His wife was a home maker. Talking about the professional background he was working with Costa marine company in the soil testing department. 

He was a calm personality taking care of majority of the responsibilities of the family. There was no significant stress in the personal life or on the work front. 

There was no major history of any illness in the family and all were enjoying good health. 


After reviewing the case in detail Dr. Shah prescribed research-based medicines for one month and suggested for a close monitoring of his case since he was suffering from the allergy daily. He was advised to closely watch for any foods or any allergens in the environment that trigger the episode. He was also advised to do an allergy test which would give a fair idea about the levels of allergy in his body, thereby give a clarity in his case for further treatment.


The patient called up for his first follow up on 4th July 2016 and mentioned that he was doing well as far as the duration of the episodes is concerned. The episodes would last for seven to eight hours now which was not the case earlier. However, he was still continuing with the antihistamines as it was suggested by Dr. Shah, but urticaria continued to occur daily along with itching. The Serum IgE report dated 4th June 2016 indicated high levels of allergy (391 IU/ ML). Dr. Shah prescribed him further medicines according to the feedback he had given.  

The patient called up for his second follow-up dated 22nd September 2016. He was happy to inform that urticaria was better by forty percent. The intensity of the episodes was remarkably reduced. He also informed that he was now taking anti-allergic medication (Allegra 180 mg) thrice per week. He was prescribed the same medicines to which he had positively responded.

The third follow-up was reported on 26th November 2016. The patient visited Life Force and could not thank enough for his consistent recovery in urticaria which was not responding to the conventional treatment also. He was further recovered by seventy-five percent in overall symptoms and could now taper down T. Allegra 180 mg twice/ week. 

The latest follow-up was reported on 7th March 2016 on phone. There was eighty percent reduction in urticaria episodes. The intensity, frequency, and duration of urticaria was markedly reduced and he was now completely off the anti-allergic medications since three months. Dr. Shah prescribed him research-based medicines for further recovery. 


This case depicts the effectiveness of research-based medicines patented by Dr. Shah. The patient was prescribed only research medicines since he had started the treatment. The patient had urticaria since nine years; which a long time suffering. Generally, it is a belief that more chronic the disease more time it takes for recovery. An autoimmune chronic disease like urticaria it a difficult disease and takes its own time for recovery. But with a breakthrough research done by Dr. Shah in the homeopathic field has proved that this new version of homeopathic medicines gives results with light speed. 

- Dr. Kanchan, Associate doctor to Dr. Shah, Life Force Team

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