85% recovery in extensive and chronic Eczema in a year’s medicines from Dr. Shah.

22 years old student Mr. S. A. C. (Patient Identification Number - 19097) visited Life Force clinic on 15th May 2012. He was suffering from Atopic Dermatitis since he was 5 months old. The lesions were sporadic and extensively spread all over the body. He had redness and dryness. The itching was intolerable. He would apply moisturizer 3 – 4 times a day. He would have scaling occasionally. There would be burning pain in the lesions. He was tense and disturbed as his higher studies exams were starting in a few days. The itching would increase in summer, due to dust and sweat and during exams. He had applied many steroid based creams in the past.

His appetite was reduced. He craved sweets. He disliked sour. He would sweat profusely and on palms. He was sensitive to warm weather and his complaints would worsen by sun heat. His bowels were satisfactory. His sleep was disturbed due to itching.

He was pursuing masters in commerce and chartered accountancy. His father was into service. His wife was a home maker. His grandparents also stayed with them.

He was impatient and anxious. He was unable to clear few exams which were stressful.
His father was suffering from high blood pressure and allergic rhinitis. His paternal grandparents were diabetic. His maternal grandfather was a cancer survivor.

This young boy had never really got any relief in his atopic dermatitis since several years. Even steroid creams were not responsive. His treatment so far was also inconsistent. Even his parents were not so regular in his treatment nor sensitive about his suffering.

His case was taken in detail.

Since child hood, he was passionate about cricket and he was quiet good in it. His parents were very keen that their son should become a famous cricker player.
He was into competetive cricket and played at various levels.
Howver he was not chosen for the under 19 team.
This led to severe disappointment in his house.
He was very sensitive and could understand that he could not live upto their expectations.
He loved his parents a lot and wanted to make them happy.
Despite discomfort in playing in the harsh sun, he had never complained as he wanted to fulfil their dream, which had become an obsession.
After cricket, he set his target on becoming a charterd accountant.
This also is a very difficult exam and since he had focussed more in sports, it was difficult to cope up and compete with other students. He also had a low self esteem due to failure to make a mark in cricket.
He always was under pressure to perform to make his parents happy. This always led to intense internal pressure and anxiety, which marred his performance. He was always tense.

In family life, there was severe marital discord between his parents. They were not in talking terms, they would quarrel frequently. His sister had conflicts with his father. He himself was at the receiving end of his father's criticism.

He would bottle up his emotions of sadness, anger and frustration. He never shouted upon any one. He never argued or back answered like his sister. He would ask his parents to be calm and peaceful, if he was present when they had arguments.

All these perpetual conflicts and the pressure for studies and work as an article clerk under a CA was always taxing for him. But he had a strong will and desire to make his parents happy, so he never complained.

Dr Shah perceived his emotions and environment and prescribed suitable homeopathic medicines.

He counselled the patient and his family to keep realistic goals and cherish smaller achievements, and avoid undue stress. Dr Shah advised them to maintain a happier environment at home.

After 3 months medication he reported on 7th August 2012 with considerable improvement. The redness and itching was less. The burning pain was also less. His medicines were upgraded by Dr. Shah.

After 6 months medication he reported on 3rd November 2012 with significant relief, around 40%. The extensive patches were regressing and dryness was less. The itching was mild and occasional. Few areas were healing and giving hyper pigmented patches.

After 9 months of medication he reported on 4th February, 2013 with around 60% improvement. There were no active patches on the body. All the patches were showing signs of healing. The itching was minimal and self limiting. The dryness and redness was completely recovered.

After 1 years medication he reported on 28th May, 2013 with around 85% recovery. Few patches would become itchy rarely.

His father was happy with the slow and steady recovery. He was satisfied and glad to get rid of this obstinate condition wonderfully.

Uploaded by Dr. M. N. P on 15th June 2013.

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