80% to 90% Recovery From Lichen Planus Found With Homeopathy

A 32-year-old male patient, Mr. K.S. visited the Borivali clinic of Life Force on 8th June 2010. He was suffering from Lichen Planus for 2-3 years and was experiencing remission with steroids. However, his active skin lesions had started reappearing in the last 3-4 months.


Physical and Psychological Generals:

The patient had craving for salty and spicy. By nature, he was spiritual and sensitive. Also, he was aggressive and often quarreled with his mother but couldn’t live without her.


At Life Force:

Dr. Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed Thuja 30 to the patient.



At the first follow-up on 27th August 2010, a few spots on his body started healing. No new spots had appeared.


On 15th December 2010, the patient did not experience much improvement. Two to three active lesions were still present. The patient stopped medicine because of some illness.

The patient restarted treatment from 30th June 2020.


On 6th August 2020, when the patient gave the first follow-up after restarting the treatment, he had experienced an 80% worsening of the lesion that might be due to the use of antibiotics.


On 9th December 2020, the patient’s skin condition was as it is, as he had stopped the medicine and was detected with Covid 19.


On 8th February 2021, the patient’s lesions had started fading.


On the follow-up on 21st May 2021, new lesions had appeared. His old lesions were fading.


On 26th July 2021, the patient was better. He had no new lesions


Later, on 28th November 2021, the patient had no new lesions. Only marks were left.


On 28th January 2022, the patient’s recovery from the skin condition was 70% better. He had no active lesions, only marks were remaining.



This case study concludes that Homeopathy can give desired results in chronic and long-standing diseases with long-term treatment and by reducing and eliminating drug dependency. Homeopathy is completely safe and causes no side effects. For skin complaints, homeopathy is highly recommended.

  • Written by Dr. Sapna Tarale, Associate doctor Dr. Rajesh Shah

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