80% Recovery From Oral Lichen Planus Achieved With Life Force Treatment

A 46-years-old middle-aged patient (PIN 26751) from Navi Mumbai reported at Life Force on 12th September 2015 for treating his oral lichen planus complaints which he was suffering since one year. The patient was complaining soreness in the buccal cavity and whitish and bluish streaks on the bilateral buccal mucosa. And, he had developed bluish spots on his tongue since the last two-three months. He suffered from burning in oral mucosa on and off, but no bleeding. His complaints used to get aggravated by eating spicy food. He was on the conventional treatment since last one and a half months.

The patient was non-vegetarian having an average appetite. The patient used to feel comfortable in the cool atmosphere, and he was thermally hot. His bowels were satisfactory. He had profuse offensive perspiration, particularly over his back. His sleep was sound.

The patient was an engineer at power generation. His wife was a homemaker. He had a daughter who was 21 years old. He had good interpersonal relationships with all his family members.

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He was a very calm personal. He was quite sincere, and he wanted his work to be done in a particular discipline. He was very anxious about future.

He had malaria 15 years back.
There was no history of illness in the family.
After studying his case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed some research-based medicine for two months.

On October 24th 2015, the patient visited for a follow-up. His oral lichen planus lesions on the tongue, buccal mucosa, and right lower gums had reduced. Her relief from the burning in the mouth was better by 20%.

He gave a follow-up online on 23rd Jan 2016. There was 60% improvement in his condition. Lichen planus had stopped spreading. Only one patch was left inside the oral cavity.

He again reported on 23rd July 2016. There was 70% improvement in his condition. Lesions over his gums, oral mucous, and tongue had reduced. Burning sensation had also reduced. He was able to tolerate burning.

The patient visited for a follow-up on 11th November 2017. There was 80% improvement in his condition. Lesions over his gums, oral mucous and tongue were reduced. Burning sensation was also reduced. He was able to tolerate burning.


Homeopathic medicines do not come with any side-effects and aim at controlling the further progression of the disease like oral lichen planus and its relapses.

- Written Dr. Ishwari, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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