70% Recovery From 34 Years Chronic Eczema Found With Homeopathy

Eczema: Dermatitis or Eczema is inflammation of the skin, which is typically characterized by itchiness, redness, and rash. The exact reason for the cause of eczema is not yet known, but it is associated with the overactive response of the body’s immune system.

Homeopathy can treat the condition effectively, gently, and safely. Let’s have a look at an eczema case that homeopathy treated effectively.


A 52-year-old male patient, Mr. A.S. (PIN: 40340) visited Life Force Homeopathy for the treatment of his complaints of Eczema on 4th June 2019. He had developed these eruptions since 1995, and they were progressing in the last 6 months. His eruptions were severe with thick skin over them, and he was experiencing itching throughout the day. The watery discharge from the eruptions was also present. He was experiencing pain while standing. His skin was very dry. And, there was swelling on his ankles too.


The patient was a vegetarian having an average appetite. He had cravings for sweets. He was addicted to tobacco chewing daily. He could not tolerate heat well and used to perspire profusely on the head.


He was a teacher by profession. He used to be short-tempered, but, now, he didn’t express it. He had to be strict with students but never punished them due to strict laws. He had a hectic life schedule.


After analyzing the case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed research-based medicines to the patient.




After 2 months of following homeopathic medicines, when he gave his first follow-up on 25th July 2019, the patient told us that his eruptions had reduced by 10%. The itching had increased. Rest all his complaints, such as the thickness of the skin, pain in legs, watery discharge, dryness of the skin, and the swelling of legs, had reduced.


In the next follow-up, all his complaints had reduced. Even, his itching had reduced significantly. The pain and swelling on his legs had reduced a lot.


In November 2019, all his complaints had suddenly increased after stopping antibiotics.


On 10th February 2020, he informed us that he was much better. His skin eruptions were stable, and the burning, cuts, and discharge had reduced.


In July 2020, the patient said that his relief in all the complaints was better, but the itching was present.


By February 2021, the patient had experienced a 20% improvement. All his complaints had reduced.


By May 2021, the patient’s condition had improved further. He was better by 50%.


On 6th August 2021, the patient said that his recovery from the eruptions was a lot better. He no more experienced itching or burning now. The dryness of his skin had also reduced. There were no discharges from eruptions now. He was no more experiencing pain while standing now; slight swelling was still there but, overall, the patient was almost 70% better.


The patient is very happy with the treatment he received at Life Force and is continuing medicines for further recovery.



This case illustrates that autoimmune diseases, such as eczema, have a great scope of recovery with Homeopathic medicines without any side effects. Homeopathy heals you gently, naturally, and safely without any side effects.


  • Written by Dr. Shilpa Vanarase, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah




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