60 year old lady with rapidly spreading vitiligo on forearms, neck and legs, was treated 80% by Dr Shah

Mrs. N. M (Patient Identification Number- 16235) visited our clinic on 13t5h June 2011. She was residing in Delhi, India. She was 60 years old. She was suffering from Vitiligo since 10 years. She was treated with PUVA therapy and her disease was inactive. 3 months back her disease was active. Her vitiligo was rapidly spreading on her forearms, left leg and neck. She had small sporadic spots. She was concerned for controlling further spread and regimentation. Her maternal grandmother also had suffered from Vitiligo.

She was suffering from high blood pressure since 7-8 years for which she was taking conventional medication Tab. Amlopine 5 Mg one daily.

She had good appetite with mixed diet. She had no specific likes or dislikes. Her thirst, urine, bowel movements and perspiration were normal. She had a sound sleep.

She was an author and she had written many books on cookery. Her spouse and son were owners of a publishing house. Her daughter was married and settled in United States.

She was disciplined by nature. She was punctual and perfectionist. She had cordial relations with her spouse and family members.

Her parents and grandfather had also suffered from High blood pressure.

Dr. Shah prescribed her research based medicines after studying her case in detail. Dr. Shah also advised her to avoid sour and sea food.

She visited on 18th July 2011 for medication as she was going to USA for 1 month. She reported that her Vitiligo had stopped spreading and there were no new patches to be seen.

She reported back on 23rd August 2011. She reported good improvement on her Left forearm and left leg. The improvement was more than 50%. Her skin had started repigmentation.

She reported over telephone on 1st October 2011. There was around 75% improvement on her left forearm and mild improvement on her neck.

She reported back on 3rd of December 2011. There was around 75% improvement in her left forearm and further improvement on her neck and leg.

She reported further mild improvement on 13th February 2012.

She reported on 19th April 2012. There was no further spread and her disease was stable. Dr. Shah enhanced her prescription for better results.

She reported around 50% improvement on her leg and neck on 23rd May 2012.

She continued the treatment for 1 year further. She reported on 5th February 2014.She was happy and satisfied with the treatment. There was around 80% improvement in her patches on the forearms, neck and left leg. There were no new spots or spread. She is still under our care.

Uploaded by Dr. I. R. on 13th February 2014.

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